Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks Review

Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks has come from the future to destroy the human race. The new children’s educational toy was released by Xiaomi. Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks for children over 8 years old. In October 2020, Xiaomi launched a Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks in China, which are now available all world. This product has five different sets and includes 2 vehicles, one of which has a chain, this six-legged robot includes a spaceship and turret.

There are no other models for all of them. In addition, the transporter, the turret, and the robot are motorized and can be controlled via the app it would be a bit much to go into the details of each set here. In many of its joints and parts, its rear wheels can rotate at an angle of almost 90 degrees. The spaceship also has a stand on which it can be viewed, and in addition to the robot’s engines, there is also a brightness sensor.

Features of the Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks

Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks features In 2320 AD, Europa in the Jupiter system became the new seat of human activities. AI has been integrated into all sides of the world. The mechanical invasion of the virus caused the mecha to spiral out of control and it created a new problem. Furthermore, alien civilizations are also waiting for their opportunity. Skyhawk” that circulates in interstellar space is the trump card of the celestial field of Jupiter This device, which has more than one attack power, also has a defensive power.

This toy has multiple missile loading mechanisms. With its Scorpio feature, it has a very good defense system for both ground defense and attack, and occupies a dominant position in defense. The “flying fish” that shuttles over the ice sheet is equipped with anti-gravity shock absorbers and vector jet engines, and is the first choice for explorers in low gravity environments; the shepherd who guards the interstellar path carries the key to future energy: the black crystal; the interstellar Orion is suitable for fighting in the starfield.


Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks properties; There are more than 1200 building blocks. It has a multi-joint structure and a flexible walking method for attack. Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks is it is the strongest fortress to walk on the ground. A brand new intelligent building block control framework, a variety of intelligent modules form a highly free system through Bluetooth Mesh technology, and the mobile phone provides computing power support for hardware. Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks based on the new AR augmented reality technology, the mecha can be brought to life, and you can play offensive and defensive battles with powerful hexapod Titans in the game, and experience exciting on-site experience.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • 18 X Block Bag
  • 1 X MR6 Battery Box
  • 2 MWV8 Engines
  • 1 X MES colorful lights
  • 1 X Charging Cable
  • 1 X Invitation Card
  • 1 X Stickers
  • 1 X Tripod
  • 1 X Remover
  • 1 X Guide

Should you buy the Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks?

You should buy Xiaomi Jupiter Dawn Smart Building Blocks, because your child’s hand and brain coordination, imagination, be compatible with technology, and leary many more skills. This product will bring your child very close to technology and provide educational things to your child. Besides this, this robot of Xiaomi can be connected to the mi application and observed from there. The biggest feature that distinguishes this robot from other robots is that it has many parts. You can buy this model as a gift for your child, or even for yourself from here.

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