Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 Review – Awesome Kettle from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 is a high-quality appliance that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. The kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters, and it features a double-wall construction that helps to keep the water hot for longer. The kettle also has an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in when the water reaches boiling point, making it safe to use. In addition, the kettle makes it easy to pour, even when it’s full. Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reliable and easy-to-use kettle.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 Design

Mijia Electric Kettle 2 has a high appearance, the pure white design makes people feel relaxed and happy at first glance, and it is versatile for any home decoration, which is in line with the public’s aesthetics.

The contact point of the Mijia Kettle 2 base is a 3-point socket, and the copper sheets that are in contact with the material and the power supply are quite thick, which is excellent to avoid poor contact caused by wear and tear caused by long-term wear. At the same time, the bottom winding power cord storage design also It is very user-friendly and can be adjusted according to the required length, without letting the extra wires affect the beauty of the home.

Bottom of the kettle body, the metal of the middle card holder is much thicker than ordinary electric kettles, and the material is reassuring. The contact between the kettle and the base can be said to be quite neat and smooth. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is mixed together, and it will not cause the factor of shaking and instability, and the switch is located under the handle of the kettle.

There is also an orange-yellow indicator light when the power is turned on, so you can clearly know whether the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 is in working condition.

The big seven-shaped handle can get a better grip, and above the handle is a lid switch.

The well-designed opening and closing method and the integrally formed 304 food-grade stainless steel pot not only bring longer-lasting thermal insulation performance, but also the water quality is more harmless, and the integrally formed shell will not bring scale residue. The bottom will cause the possibility of poor water quality, odor and bacterial growth, which is why I chose this Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 Capacity

1.7 liters large capacity, refuses the trouble of frequent water addition, and is equipped with the British brand STRIX thermostat, which can reach the real water temperature and accurately control the temperature to cut off the power supply, effectively ensuring that the family will not drink half-boiled water and excessive unhelpful boiled water and at the same time one also greatly guarantees the service life of the machine.

Large capacity, non-hot material, long heat preservation, and good practicability meet the needs of multiple people using water at one time. At the same time, the food-grade integrated liner also ensures the health of water quality. This Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 2 really made me fall in love with it. Now, in terms of price, such an excellent electric kettle is even less than 15 USD, which is really close to the people.

Xiaomi Mijia Kettle 2 Price

The Xiaomi Mijia Kettle 2 is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable electric kettle. Its double-wall construction keeps water hot for longer, and the LED indicator lets you know when the water is ready. Best of all, the Xiaomi Mijia Kettle 2 is just 14.99 USD. So if you’re looking for a quality electric kettle at a budget-friendly price, the Xiaomi Mijia Kettle 2 is a great option.

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