Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Machine Review

Handheld vacuum cleaners are not only effective at cleaning dust and getting rid of allergens, and vacuum cleaners are also easy to use, they save energy and time. So, here is a great alternative to a handheld vacuum: the Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Machine. Xiaomi has gifted us with its brand new technology handheld vacuum cleaner, especially for mite removal, it will make you feel great when you clean your entire room.

Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Machine Review

The Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Machine is a cordless handheld vacuum machine. This feature is great so that you can clean the entire room by just carrying the Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Machine in your hand. It is so small that you can store it easily in your cabinet. It is also lightweight, comes in white color, and uses an 850.000rpm high-speed motor, and it also has a powerful 16kPa suction.


It adopts a multi-vertex cyclone separation technology so that it can effectively achieve a four-layer filtration system. The filtration system can absorb 99.97% of particles, combined with hot air drying, UV light, and 12800 beats/minute of high-frequency tapping effectively destroying the growth of environmental insects and mites.

It has 5 cleaning modes, Tapping/Suck/Sweep/Sterilize/Dry. Its PTC heating system spreads comfortable pure air. It also has a 20cm open-type large suction port, which improves the working efficiency of flapping, vacuuming, and cleaning fast and deep cleaning. The soft brush penetrates deep into the gaps in the fabric to sweep out the hidden mites and dust. You can clean the baby bed, plush toys, fabric sofa, and bedding.


It has a 2000mAh battery so that you can use it for up to 28 minutes. Actual battery life may vary due to different environments and use modes. The charging takes about up to 3.5 hours.

Washing Filter Components

  • Press and hold the dust cup release button to take out the dust cup.
  • Remove the steel mesh and HEPA filter according to the logo.
  • Remove the filter sponge from the body.
  • Rinse all filter components with water and dry them for recycling.


  • Power: 350W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Function: Dry, Dust
  • Storage Type: Dust Cup Bag or Bagless
  • No LCD
  • Dimension: 248*221*139
  • Charging Time: 3.5hours
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Model Number: MJCMY01DY
  • Noise: 78dB
  • Vacuum Degree: 2kPa

Should you buy the Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Machine?

Keep in mind that this product comes with Chinese instructions and it is a China plug, but you can easily learn to use this vacuum cleaner as it is convenient. It is available on Aliexpress, and if you inform the seller about the Chinese plug, they will send an EU plug adaptor with the product.

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