Xiaomi MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot launched in China for 699 Yuan

Xiaomi has launched a new smart home appliance under its MIJIA sub-brand, dubbed MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot. As the name suggests, the new MIJIA cooking pot is a multipurpose product that can be used for frying, cooking, and fast-heating. The product has been launched in Xiaomi mall under crowdfunding and it comes with a price of 699 Yuan which roughly converts to $103.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot features

The new Xiaomi product is built to offer convenient cooking. The cooking pot is highly portable and can be used to do many types of cooking. The MIJIA cooking pot supports frying, cooking, and frying, and IH uniform and fast heating for deep frying stuff like French fries. The overall capacity of the Pot is 4L which is enough for an average household. It goes without saying that the MIJIA pot comes with support for the smartphone application and can be controlled remotely via smartphone.

MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot

One of the major highlights of the new device is that it includes 100+ popular recipes from Internet celebrity chefs that have been handpicked. It is also reported that a team of professional chefs carefully researched each dish and have added cooking instructions like heating time, stirring time, and required heating temperature. The time of each cooking step is also mentioned.

The cooking pot has 7 modes- manual, hot pot, barbecue, frying, steaming, steak, and recipes. It comes with 5 default recipes including farmhouse stir-fried pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, Korean-style miso soup, and more.

Talking about the design, the MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot comes with a sleek and compact design. It has a minimalist appearance and comes in white with black embellishment on the bottom. It has an OLED display on the knob that can be used to adjust the cooking time and temperature.

Moreover, it comes with many safety features such as the built-in temperature sensor that automatically enforces the protection mode when the pot is overheated to avoid any accident or burning of the food.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart IH Multi-Function Cooking Pot comes at a crowdfunding price of 699 Yuan which is $103 and a retail price of 899 Yuan ($133). It is available for purchase in Xiaomi mall and Jingdong. The product is currently available only in China. The company is yet to announce any details about its global availability. Now that you’re sorted with the food, it’s time to think about the drinks, check out the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer Cup

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