Delicious Foods with Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven

Meet with Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven! Xiaomi is a successful brand of phones. But it is not just successful the phones. It is also a successful in home product. The most example of this success is Xiaomi cleaning robots. Xiaomi’s success’ another example is this oven. This product is so important for kitchens. It made to make things easier in the kitchen. People like this oven because of its many innovative features. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven was introduced in August 2020. It has attracted a lot of attention since its introduction.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven Features

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven presents fast and tasty foods. You can quickly cook your food with this oven. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven has many cooking modes. You can cook every food that you want. You can steam and fry your food with Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven. This oven has a 1200W high-power evaporation pan. It cooks your food fast with this pan. This speed is so important for some food recipes.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Ovens’ one of the important features is cleaning. It has 5 cleaning modes. These are Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven’s cleaning modes:

  • New Machine Cleaning
  • Oven Cavity Cleaning
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Scale Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning

Xiaomi presents cooking following with its app. When you make a connection between your MiHome app and your oven, you can follow your food’s preparation time. Also, you can find more than 50 cook recipes in this app.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven Design

This colorful oven’s design is minimalist and elegant. It fits your kitchen’s every corner. It has a small window for you can see your food. Also, it has a clock for you to know the food’s time. This oven is small, but its internal volume is big. You can cook more than one food at the same time.

This oven has a top vent. It reduces the chance of burns. Also, water vapor does not affect your sight of food. It eliminates the trouble of water dropping when opening and closing door panels. On the other hand, it is a solution to the condensation problem. You can easily add the water to the oven’s water tank because of this design.

Xiaomi home products are innovative and colorful. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven is one of the Xiaomi home products colorful. It has several important features. It can be your favorite Xiaomi home product with its design or features. Also, it can be your most important assistant in the kitchen.

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