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Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Set with dual 10kg capacities launched in China

Xiaomi launched the latest Mijia Washing and Drying Set in China last week. The product comes in 10Kg+10Kg capacity and it has features like intelligent dispensing of laundry detergent, aromatherapy, and deep sterilization. The new appliance is equipped with a direct-drive motor for efficient washing. The Mijia Washing and Drying Set is priced at 4,798 yuan ($716) and is available for sale through Mi Store and Jingdong.

Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Set Features and specs

The Covid-19 outbreak has taught us the importance of sterilization and deep cleaning. Thankfully, the folks at Xiaomi understand this too, that’s why they have designed the Mijia Washing and Drying Set to be a graveyard for viruses and bacteria. The appliance has a sterilization rate of 99.99% and supports silver ion sterilization technology which can release silver ions in contact with water to effectively eliminate common pathogens.

It also supports sterilization while drying with the help of a built-in ultraviolet UVC lamp. In addition, sterilization technology also keeps the mites away. The water flow is matched with high temperature, which can kill mites, and the residue can be removed by multiple rinsing. Additionally, the anti-mite drying function can make the ultraviolet UVC lamp efficiently remove mites, and the double-layer filter screen filters the residual debris


The Mijia Washing and Drying Set has 22 washing modes, which can effectively meet the washing requirements of various types of clothes and fabrics. Moreover, it is equipped with a 48-pole DD direct-drive motor paired with intelligent chips and algorithms that provides precise control to help achieve optimal washing of clothes.

In addition, the drying counterpart also features 24 drying modes. It fits the right temperature curve to the fabric of the clothing and performs intelligent drying at various temperatures.

The Mijia Washing and Drying Set supports the Mijia APP through which you can control the operations remotely. Moreover, it also supports the XiaoAi voice assistant.

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