Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot: Best Friend of Children

Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot is a rabbit storyteller robot machine. If your child insists on not eating or sleeping, Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot can help your child. Its design and features are for children. The important thing about this storyteller robot is it is safe for your child with its materials. According to research, hearing is important to a child’s language development. It includes many stories to develop your child’s language development.

Let’s look at the main features of this storyteller robot:

  • White noise
  • Several stories download
  • Soft ear light
  • Intelligent sleep
  • Child lock mode
  • Safe battery

Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot Features

One of the most important features of the Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot is its many stories. Xiaomi added more than 350 stories to this storyteller robot according to user feedback. These stories will interest your child and are popular stories. It also has a massive download resource of stories. When you connect the storyteller robot to the computer via USB cable, you can access 20000+ stories. These stories meet the different needs of kids from 0- to 6-year-old.

This storyteller machine is also a helper for sleeping. It includes 20 kinds of classic white noise. White noise will help your child is going to sleep. You do not have to worry about your child’s hearing health. The storyteller robot presents quality sounds. It has a professional-grade independent audio decoder chip. It has limited the maximum volume to a reasonable range. It protects your babies’ hearing.

Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot Design

Xiaomi MITU Storyteller Robot is designed with food-grade materials. It is so important for children’s products because they can bite the products while they are playing. This storyteller has ABS shell and silicone ears. Its design is safe for babies’ skin. On the other hand, it is portable and easy to hold.

It has a minimal design, measuring 14 cm. Your child can carry the storyteller robot effortlessly with its design. It has round corners for comfortable holding. The child can put it into a bag effortlessly to take it anywhere with its minimal design.

Xiaomi MITU Storyteller can be a new best friend of your child. The child can eat or sleep with this robot’s stories. It can present many stories for the children’s fun. It is made of healthy materials against the risk of your child biting the toy. It is very important that it is made of healthy materials. It can be one of the best Xiaomi products for your child.

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