Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition Review

We will review the Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition these are the basic edition. It is pretty affordable, so it is a neckband style, very similar to the LG tone that was released a few years back and most of the weight and battery are supported inside of this arm which rests on your collarbone as you are wearing it. As opposed to the inside of the earphones themselves, it makes them a little bit lightweight. The interesting thing about the Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition is, first of all, the design of the earphones themselves.

Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition Review

Since it is a little bit larger than its previous versions, it probably has more room for a dedicated driver, more parts, and components that they do not have to cram into how small of a space, so it can provide high-quality noise.


The battery lasts up to 7 hours of playback on a single charge. That is a longer per charge, compared to the arrow dots which last for about three hours, since they are the Youth Edition, it also comes in other colors like orange.


Inside the box, there is a neckband itself, and we also have a tab inside such as a flat ribbon wire for the micro USB charging and also an entire user manual. It is very malleable in terms of rubber plastics, and you can actually fold it down and still make it pretty easy for transportation, and it just fits over the back of your neck the two-part is made of very shiny polycarbonate plastic.

That is the same shine and texture as the earbuds themselves in terms of keys and controls, they are actually integrated on the bottom portion of the neckband. As opposed to on the remote here is where we have the volume control, a pretty tactile, responsive, and dedicated power key that you can hold for a few seconds to enter the pairing mode.


It has a collar design, which makes it wearable when doing fitness, running, etc. Stylish appearance, good headphones hanging around the neck. Lightweight skin-friendly material with APT-X codec technology AAC advanced audio coding. It was made of two-cell acoustic architecture.


Active Noise Cancellation: No
Communication: Wireless
Battery Capacity: 137mAh
Net Weight: 35g
Volume Control: Yes
Wireless Type: Bluetooth 4.2
Plug Type: Wireless
Microphone: Yes
Control Button: Yes
Style: Neckband
Frequency Response Range: 20 – 20000Hz
Function: Hi-Fi Headphone
Waterproof: No

Overall Performance

The Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition has a very futuristic design, and everything is made of polycarbonate plastic we think that it is one of the only pairs of neckband style wireless that has the semi in design. As opposed to being fully in you are moving into audio quality and performance, there is plenty to like. Despite lacking a tight seal on your ears, so on certain tracks like EDM type music, it still performs better-than-expected the area where they sound better than its rivals.

Should you buy the Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition?

The Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition is very comfortable and lightweight, you can barely feel their presence when you are wearing them and pretty much invincible. It has awesome controls and provides a lot more than you expected as a budget-friendly neckband. You can buy the Xiaomi Neckband Collar Headphone Youth Edition from here. 

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