Xiaomi Notebook Pro has a display with 3D LUT color correction

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 has an OLED screen with 4K resolution and a custom color calibration applied. There is no price info yet but since it’s a laptop with an OLED display it surely will be a a little bit pricey device. According to Xiaomi before each Xiaomi Notebook Pro leaves the manufacturing state, the screens were calibrated using a very tight color correction procedure, trying to reach the standard of professional display equipment known as Delta E≈1.

Dolby Vision will be available on this laptop.

Xiaomi’s self-developed 3D LUT color correction technology is available on Xiaomi Notebook Pro!

Xiaomi makes collor correction on their smartphones as well. Such as color accuracy on Xiaomi 12 reaches Delta≈0.4 level.

3D LUT color correction algorithm based on mobile phones combined with the notebook screen characteristics to upgrade the old 1D LUT color correction to the advanced 3D LUT color correction on new Xiaomi notebook.

Xiaomi announced color accuracy rank of Xiaomi 12 but there’s no clear info about the color accuracy rank of new Xiaomi notebook. When calculating color accuracy, perfect accuracy is achieved when Delta E≈1, whereas Delta E<2 indicates the professional level. Xiaomi Notebook Pro will be announced in July 4 with the color accuracy rating as well. Stay tuned until the upcoming Xiaomi event!

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