Xiaomi offers YouTube Premium on POCO F4 and X4 GT

POCO F4 5G and POCO X4 GT are the phones launched in the recent days. We have posted full specifications of both phones. Read our POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT introduction articles right here.



Now it’s time for the brand new POCO phones!

POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT will have 2 months of YouTube Premium after purchase of the phone. POCO M4 Pro is included among the devices will have YouTube Premium. It’s launched earlier than F4 and X4 GT but it’s eligible for the Premium. The special offer will be available between Feb 28th, 2022 and Jan 31st, 2023. Learn more at POCO global website.

What do you think about this Xiaomi and YouTube partnership?

YouTube offers YouTube Premium subscription on some Android phones for a limited time. Xiaomi gave Premium subscription for certain devices earlier. YouTube offers Premium subscription for various devices and OEMs. Not only Xiaomi but Samsung is another company making partnership with YouTube. Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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