Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 Review

Xiaomi has such a wide range of products that if we talk about every single product of Xiaomi, this article would be too long. For today, we will be talking about the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2, which attracts PC users. It looks stylish, elegant and ergonomic.

It is light, portable and weighs just 77.5g including battery. It has adonized alluminum alloy shell and ABS. The Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 can connect to two computers simultaneously, supporting Bluetooth and 2.4G connectivity. Connect to two computers, and easily switch between the devices by pressing the bottom button.

Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2

The Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 is made of environmentally friendly smooth aluminum alloy and ABS plastic in one device for a body that is minimalist, looking elegant, and high-performing while being resistant to impacts, fingerprints, and scratches. To be able to reach maximum performance and comfort, the front button requires just 0.6N of pressure.

Sometimes touchpads are not enough for some tasks, and you need a mouse to finish the jobs faster. This is where the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 comes in light; it is portable and lightweight, you can take anywhere with you.

Metal Surface

The Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 is adonized and carefully sandblasted to match popular high-end mouses, and laptops.

Bluetooth and 2.4G Connectivity

Xiaomi is using the Nordic Bluetooth chip in the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2, which allows for quick transmission speeds but lower power consumption.


The Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 features a photoelectric sensor that implements advanced laser technology. This feature allows up to 1200dpi for entertainment, and optimal office use, and creates a higher contrast on most surfaces.


From any angle, the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 looks minimalistic, elegant and light. The underside design of the device received the same design under the same mentality. It makes smooth with just the right amount of resistance.

When you need to change the batteries, you should open the back cover of the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2, by gently rotating it. The Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 uses 2 batteries, and this model includes 2 high-quality AAA batteries inside the package. The ergonomic design is suited to both left and right-handed users. ABS creates enough friction for an extended use, and firm hold.


  • Bluetooth/2.4G dual mode
  • Compatible with 95% of surface types
  • Increased accuracy
  • Anodized aluminum alloy shell
  • Weighs 77.5g including battery

Should you buy the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2?

The Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 looks ergonomic, lightweight and convenient. If you just want a mouse to work in the office, or do your homework, this mouse would be a better choice, but if you want a mouse for gaming, you should not buy this model. You can buy the Xiaomi Portable Mouse 2 on Aliexpress.

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