Xiaomi reached 500 million sales worldwide!

Xiaomi reached 500 million sales globally in the first quarter of 2022, and this is a massive milestone for the brand, as a decade ago they were only a small brand that started off in Beijing, and are now a global conglomerate that can challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple. And this is only regarding smartphones, and not including IoT devices or smart home devices.

Xiaomi reached 500 million sales in smartphones!

According to Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi has officially joined Samsung and Apple in being giants in the smartphone market, with 500 million sales globally, and taken it’s recognition as a king in the market to a new level. Whether you like it or not, there are many Xiaomi users out in the wild who enjoy their phones, and are most likely going to buy new phones from the brand, so don’t expect that number to decrease any time soon.

Ever since Xiaomi’s emergence in the global market, they’ve been succeeding at sales tactics. By making more budget devices and releasing them in less industrially developed countries mainly, such as India, alongside their Chinese and Global market, they have managed to increase their marketshare substantially. Their global marketshare is increasing rapidly, as you can see here:

Will they fail one day? Or will they succeed and reach higher grounds in the smartphone market? Perchance. If they sell more IoT devices, and release more budget-friendly devices we might even see Xiaomi become the #1 smartphone vendor in many countries. But, we will just have to wait and see if they will reach that point.

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