Xiaomi Releases Upgraded Model C7A of Mitu Children’s Phone Watch 5C

Xiaomi has reportedly launched an upgraded version of its Mitu Children’s Phone Watch 5C, called the C7A. The Mitu Children’s Phone Watch C7A by Xiaomi is equipped with a 1.4-inch 240×240 display and supports a SIM card. It features full Netcom 4G support, allowing high-resolution video calls with parents. The watch is also waterproof, supports GPS positioning, has a long standby time, and is equipped with a 950mAh battery. Weighing 54.8 grams, it runs Mitu’s custom system and supports the Xiaoai Classmate voice assistant, which can install applications.

Xiaomi has not yet released further details about the device. As of the time of the press release, 466 people have already placed pre-orders for this watch. Interested users can check it out.

The Mitu Children’s Phone Watch C7A offers parents a convenient and reliable way to stay connected with their children. With its 4G capabilities and high-resolution video calling, parents can easily communicate with their kids and ensure their safety. The watch’s waterproof feature and GPS positioning provide added security, allowing parents to track their child’s location. Additionally, the long battery life ensures that the watch can be used throughout the day without frequent recharging.

The integration of Xiaomi’s custom system and the Xiaoai Classmate voice assistant adds another layer of functionality to the Mitu Children’s Phone Watch C7A. Users can enjoy the convenience of installing applications and utilizing voice commands for various tasks.

As Xiaomi continues to expand its product lineup, the Mitu Children’s Phone Watch C7A is another addition that caters to the needs of parents and offers a reliable communication and safety solution for children. With its features and capabilities, it aims to provide peace of mind to parents while giving children a stylish and functional smartwatch experience.

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