Xiaomi reveals new Leica Camera app!

So as you may or may not know, Xiaomi uses their simple camera app in their MIUI software. But recently that is changed, they just released a new Leica Camera app. This article will show you it’s all new things compared to the old camera app.

Screenshots from Leica Camera app

As you can kinda see, it does look like the old camera app with a different accent color and some features that are for Leica cameras. Other than that, the app has less options on settings compared to the old camera app.

New Leica Camera app watermark

The new Leica Camera app has a different watermark compared to before that appears on the bottom of the picture and fills the bottom of the picture, unless like the old camera app where it used to add only a small watermark to the corner. Although it looks cool, the bottom watermark might get annoying on some of the pictures, although, Xiaomi did add an option to turn the watermark of just like in the old camera app.

Download Leica Camera app

You can find the Leica Camera app on our MIUI System Updates Telegram channel, although, we do not recommend everyone to install it as it might not work on your device. If it breaks the camera app, you might need to uninstall camera app updates from the settings of your phone.

You can find also other apps on the MIUI System updates channel, where we post the app updates of MIUI taken off from MIUI beta versions, you can try them as well if you want, and even more we already made an article about how to do it.


I installed the app and my camera no longer works

  • You need to uninstall updates of the camera app, you can do that from the settings app of your phone.

It doesn’t capture great photos as normal camera app that is shipped with my phone

  • Because this app is made for only Leica cameras and only works properly with them, so it might not look good when you capture photos on a non-Leica lens.

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