Interesting and Expensive Nail Clipper: Xiaomi Seemagic Nail Clipper

Xiaomi is trying to establish itself in many areas, not just the smartphone and tablet sector. Xiaomi Seemagic Nail Clipper is this time we seemade by Xiaomi’s sub-brand Seemagic. You can even find Xiaomi branded toilet paper! Don’t worry, you will not risk cutting your skin while cutting your nails because the product has safety features.

The product can also be used by adults, including babies. You can easily operate it with one button, and since the part corresponding to your nail is curved, your fingertips will better fit the Xiaomi Seemagic nail clipper. The noise level is 40db on average, so you can use Xiaomi electric nail clipper to cut your nails without disturbing others.

Xiaomi Seemagic nail clipper

Advantages of Xiaomi Seemagic Nail Clipper over traditional products

It is a lot safer than conventional nail clippers. Cutting your nails in low light with ordinary nail clippers is risky. You might accidentally injure yourself because you can not see it. Aside from that, the slightest movement you make with a regular nail clipper will result in your nails not being cut symmetrically. With the Xiaomi Seemagic nail clipper, you will not experience any of these problems.

Another question on everyone’s mind is how long the product takes to charge and how much battery life it offers. The Xiaomi Seemagic electric nail clipper charges in about 3 hours and allows you to cut your nails more than 30 times. You can buy the Xiaomi Seemagic electric nail clipper for an average of $15-20 on AliExpress and similar shopping sites.

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