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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 with Fingerprint and NFC unlocking launched in China

In recent years, Xiaomi has developed plenty of home security devices such as smart doorbells and security cameras. Today, the company launched yet another security-focused product, dubbed Xiaomi smart door lock M20. The new device comes with a push & pull design and supports fingerprint and NFC unlocking. The Xiaomi smart door lock M20 has been released at a price of 1,799 yuan ($270) and is available for pre-order through the Mi store. Let’s have a look at its specs and features.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Specs & Features

Xiaomi Smart door lock M20 comes with a high-strength alloy middle frame and integrated IML process which gives it an anti-pinch design. To avoid accidental pinching of hands through the sliding door, you can also configure the gripping direction of the handle based on the opening and closing direction of the door.

The Mi Smart Door Lock M20 is fitted with a Mijia security chip, which encrypts and stores sensitive data such as fingerprints, long-term passwords, and one-time passwords locally. It also prevents the data from being read externally and restricts it from being transmitted over the network.

Xiaomi smart door lock M20

The Mi Smart Door Lock M20 is also equipped with a fully automatic lock body paired with a power system. The primary lock tongue gets immediately retracted after the verification is completed, and the door may be opened by pushing and pulling the handle. Moreover, the door is automatically locked when you leave home to prevent tailgating.

Furthermore, the main lock tongue can withstand 6000N lateral pressure. The in-line C-level lock cylinder of the lock is designed to maintain safety throughout the structure in order to prevent breaking in by an external force. It can also monitor the status of the door lock in real-time thanks to multiple sensors built into the lock body. When used in conjunction with Bluetooth gateway devices, the door lock abnormal alarm can also be viewed remotely via the App.

Xiaomi smart door lock M20 supports seven unlocking methods and it uses 8 AA batteries for power supply. Moreover, it has a battery life of up to 10 months. It also comes with a three-year warranty and free home installation. Also check out the Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Mobile Fan.

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