Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan: Favorite of Summer

Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan is a Xiaomi product that will bring a cool breeze to your house. Summer days can be insufferable because of the hot weather. Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan is produced for hot summer days. According to Xiaomi, a natural gentle breeze is possible with this product. If you are wondering about the product, the article is waiting for you!

From a general perspective, technical features of the Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan:

  • Variable frequency DC fan
  • 6 dB(A)* low noise
  • 150° adjustable ultra-wide angle
  • 9 mm fine air outlet*
  • Only 3.48 kWh is required for a cool summer*
  • Work with Google + Alexa speaker*

Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan Features

The most important feature of the Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan is its natural, stable, and quite a breeze. It has a DC motor. This motor offers variable frequency, lower noise, and stable operation. Also, it saves more energy with its motor. It forms a strong wind force with a maximum air output of 541 m³/h. This wind force easily blows away the summer heat.

You can use the Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan for the whole night thanks to its silence. It can operate with noise as low as 34.6 dB(A). It has a power consumption of only 3.48 kWh and only consumes 1.19 kWh for running for 6 days. This smart tower supports Google Assistant and Alexa speakers. You can control the fan with a voice.

Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan Design

Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan is designed with a 150° ultra-wide angle. It can be adjustable at 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, and 150° with the Mi Home app. It can cool the room with this design. This tower fan presents an all-around natural breeze to the user. This natural breeze gets the user away from a headache.

This smart tower is safe for children. It has a 6.9 mm fine air outlet. Its bladeless wind outlet and fine grille are safe for your children. It avoids possible dangers with its design. Also, it has a child lock. Its design is against overturning. Also, this design makes safe the product. For easy use, you can control the smart tower fan with the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Smart Tower fan can be a good savior for hot summer days. Its quiet operation and is safe for children are among its most important features. It can be one of the best Xiaomi home products you should try. You read Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan’s features and design in this article. Choose is yours now for a good summer!

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