Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick Review

The Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick features not only a Bluetooth rechargeable remote but also can be used as a mini phone tripod in addition to the extending selfie stick. We will look at this curious gadget, and point out the good and weaker points of the design.

If you like to create beautiful photos for your social media posts or you often set up Zoom meetings using your smartphone, the only thing you should know how is the useful product from Xiaomi can help you with that.

Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick Review

Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick is going to be your favorite accessory as it is one of the most user-friendly devices ever. It can function as a tripod that can be easily mounted on the table. It can also function as a retractable selfie stick, and with the help of Bluetooth remote control, it can control the shooting process.

Included Items

The items you get included are very simple, just a stick, you also get a user manual and warranty card. In the accessory box, you will see the Bluetooth remote. It is a small plastic device, which has a rechargeable port at the top, Micro USB, and it does last quite a long time. You do not really need to charge the remote controller very often.


When it is charging, it starts off red, and then after it finished its charging, it turns to blue. So that it does avoid having to put batteries in and things like that. Quite a neat little design and it just slips into the silicone cover. The folded length of the Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick is around about 190 millimeters, so it is pocket-friendly. At least when it is fully collapsed up, and it is part of the design that they wanted to do.

The product is made of aluminum, it weighs 155 grams, but can carry a smartphone with way more than its own. The handle of the monopod is fabricated out of a non-slip material. It enables you to hold it in your hand firmly. The extendable aluminum tubes keep the smartphone stable in one position no matter how heavy it is.

The phone bracket is stretchable and can hold 56 to 89 millimeters wide phone. Mimics with its truly gigantic screen size will fit as easily. On top of that, the bracket can rotate 360 degrees, and the handle of the monopod can be transformed into a freely expand.

A design like this permits the installation of the monopod with a smartphone on the table or any other flat surface or making video conference with a Zoom, or just taking pictures. For greater stability, their legs are equipped with an anti-slip pad.

Remote Controller

Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick also comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to take pictures from distance. Set up the monopod as a tripod wherever you feel it is a great angle to use the remote control to shoot without blurs.

When you are pairing the remote, all you need to do is just hit the button, you will see the blue light flashing and just pair it up with the phone. You will probably get around about 7 to 8 meters clear line of sight range off of this remote, but it will vary depending on the phone.

The remote model should be kept in a special compartment in the handle. When it is installed that compartment button serves as a shutter for the times you use the monopod as a selfie stick. The remote control is equipped with Bluetooth-free and is compatible with Android.

Is Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick Worth Buying?

If you are an influencer, or just love to take photos, you should give a chance to Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick. It is budget-friendly, easy to use, and convenient. You can also take anywhere you want. You can also buy Xiaomi Stand-Type Selfie Stick from Aliexpress.

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