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Xiaomi steps up into the automotive industry

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Chinese tech giant Xiaomi continues to take significant steps towards its goal of electric car production. On August 2nd, it was observed that the domain name xiaomiev.com was registered through China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s ICP/IP address/domain filing system. With this move, Xiaomi once again demonstrated its serious interest in the automotive industry.

However, it’s not certain that this domain registration will definitely be used as Xiaomi’s official car website. According to the current website structures of Xiaomi, xiaomiev.com is noted to be possibly just a protective registration. The company is expected to use names like iot.mi.com for its IoT developer platform, xiaoai.mi.com for its voice assistant Xiaoai, and ev.mi.com for its automotive division.

According to some sources, Xiaomi has reportedly obtained approval from China’s National Development and Reform Commission for electric vehicle production. This indicates that the company’s car production plans are becoming more concrete and that it intends to make a serious investment in this field. With this move, Xiaomi seems determined to capitalize on the growth opportunities in China’s automotive industry.

However, obtaining approval solely from the National Development and Reform Commission is not sufficient for Xiaomi’s car production. The company also needs approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to meet technical and safety requirements.

Xiaomi’s swift entry into the automotive sector appears to be a significant part of its growth strategy. Xiaomi has committed to investing $10 billion in the car business over the next decade and aims to start mass-producing its first electric car in the first half of 2024.

These developments highlight Xiaomi’s potential to play a crucial role in the automotive industry by combining technology and automobiles. Keeping a close eye on Xiaomi’s car projects is worth it to observe the latest developments in this exciting journey of the company.

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