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Xiaomi Sustainable Future reports has been published

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Xiaomi Sustainable Future project, which was created to create a brighter future for next generations, gave very positive results. Measures taken to shape the way to the future for the next generations are very important, and Xiaomi is very sensitive in this regard. Measures taken by a large company to protect nature will of course be great, and this project covers exactly that. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability spans every stage of the product lifecycle, from design and production to waste disposal and logistics. According to the current reports published by Xiaomi, very positive steps have been taken in the name of protecting nature and a sustainable future.

Xiaomi Sustainable Future Reports

Within the scope of Xiaomi Sustainable Future, we are taking a step towards a sustainable future, with this project covering every stage of the product lifecycle, from design and production to waste disposal and logistics, many positive steps have been taken. Comprehensive power saving solutions designed, turning dark theme can reduce power consumption up to 70%. Revolutionized energy efficiency, Xiaomi battery management system enabled triple fast charging solution in over 100 million devices and terminals, saving 57 millions kWh of energy annually globally.

AI assistant optimized, now 37% less with self-learning algorithms thanks to AI energy consumption possible. We have developed 5G energy-saving signal transmission technology, which reduces power consumption by approximately 30% using advanced WLAN chips and dynamic monitoring. Also fishing nets thrown into the ocean with the use of sustainable materials are recycled in all smartphones in 2022, bio-based high polymer materials are used in smartphones and accessories. Increased use of recycled metals, including aluminum, gold and copper, in all smartphones.  Unnecessary plastic packaging is 100% recycled, for example, a successful transition from plastic to paper-based materials has been made for the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset series.

With the new AIoT package design, 80 g less plastic is used in each package by eliminating the plastic handle. Production procedures have been optimized for Xiaomi’s air conditioner series and much more. By overhauling the air conditioner production methods, 48,500 kWh savings were achieved per die. Compared to 2021, suppliers that set carbon reduction targets increased by 9.4%, and suppliers that passed third-party carbon verification increased by 7.9%. With the steps taken within the scope of Xiaomi Sustainable Future, nature is protected and a great energy saving is achieved, so you can participate in this project and follow the guidelines and contribute to a more sustainable future, stay tuned for more.

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