Xiaomi to announce a Xiaomi WearOS smartwatch!

Xiaomi has a range of smartwatches and smart wristbands, but they have never released a wearable device powered by WearOS from Xiaomi. WearOS is a highly advanced smartwatch software used by Samsung and several other major smartwatch manufacturers.

Xiaomi WearOS smartwatch

One of the main advantages of WearOS operating system is that users can install various applications on their smartwatch. WearOS is the primary competitor to Apple’s WatchOS. According to rumors, Xiaomi is preparing to launch a smartwatch that will run WearOS and have SIM card support. This upcoming smartwatch is expected to support e-SIM, which will enable users to make voice calls without needing the watch to be connected to a smartphone.

Although it is not yet certain whether the new smartwatch will support e-SIM or not we expect it to support e-SIM, the upcoming Xiaomi WearOS smartwatch has already appeared in EEC and TUV PLS certifications earlier. Furthermore, the smartwatch has now been spotted on the NRRA Korea website.

There is currently little information available on the specifications of the new watch. It is difficult to predict what the new Xiaomi smartwatch will offer, but it is likely to be marketed under the “Xiaomi Watch” branding and the model number is known to be “M2235W1”. However, the actual market branding is not revealed yet.

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