Xiaomi unveiled the affordable Redmi Pad!

Redmi Pad is just announced at the October event. This is the first tablet to ever bear the “Redmi Pad” branding; previously, Xiaomi had released its tablets under the “Xiaomi Pad” branding. Xiaomi releases their affordable tablet. This affordable tablet features a quad speaker setup with Dolby Atmos support. Here are more details on Redmi Pad.


On tablets, the display is what matters most. Many people prefer to see videos on a large screen. Redmi Pad has a display sized at 10.61″. The display runs at 90 Hz refresh rate and has 2000×1200 resolution.

Unfortunately Redmi Pad doesn’t feature an OLED display. OLED screens can provide vibrant colors, which improves the experience of consuming media. It has an IPS LCD panel. It’s still good since some cheap Android tablets have TFT display.


Another function that ought to be included in a tablet is the camera. With the front camera, you may make video calls, while the rear camera is used for file scanning.

Both rear and front cameras have 8 MP resolution. The Redmi Pad’s front camera is an 105° ultra-wide camera. As a result, when making a video call, more people will be able to fit in the frame. Redmi Pad features a camera with 110° field of view.

Battery & Performance

Tablets require a larger battery than phones since their screens are larger as well. Redmi Pad packs a 8000 mAh of battery and is powered by MediaTek Helio G99.

Since the MediaTek Helio G99 processor isn’t too much powerful, an 8000 mAh battery should work just fine.

Although the Redmi Pad can charge at a rate of 18W, the charger that comes with it can charge at a rate of 22.5W. Fast charging is pretty convenient for the tablets, but Xiaomi made Redmi Pad charging at 18W to keep costs down.

Software support is another key thing in the smart devices. Thankfully Xiaomi will release 3 years of security updates for Redmi Pad. It will also get 2 years of Android and MIUI updates, meaning it will be updated to Android 14 and MIUI 15.

The Redmi Pad comes preinstalled with MIUI 13 on top of Android 12. It will be available in global markets starting at $ .

Global pricing

  • 3GB+64GB = €279

India pricing

  • 3GB+64GB = ₹14,999 ($184)
  • 4GB+128GB = ₹17,999 ($221)
  • 6GB+128GB = ₹19,999 ($245)

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