Xiaomi Watch S1 vs S1 Active Comparison

In this article, we will be reviewing the Xiaomi Watch S1 vs S1 Active to see which of these feature-packed smartwatches may be best for you. They are hitting globally and boast around 5 days of battery life, gorgeous AMOLED screens and impressive customization.

The main difference between the two is the design. Both are rugged and smart with swappable straps and 5ATM water resistance, but the regular model upgrades to stainless steel and sapphire. They offer a gorgeous, sharp AMOLED screen, mic and speaker, plus Alexa support is coming soon.

Fitness tracking is fully featured here on the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active and also the Xiaomi Watch S1 model. You have got dual-band GPS, 24/7 heart rate and SPO2 tracking, and also support for 100 different exercise types.

Other highlights include the customizable UI, wireless charging on the Watch S1, and that excellent battery life. So, if you are after a smartwatch and tempted by Xiaomi, definitely check these models.

Xiaomi Watch S1 vs S1 Active Comparison

The S1 active is noticeably lighter at just 36 grams vs the regular S1 which weighs a rather heavy at 52 grams, and that is because the standard Xiaomi S1 Watch supports a premium stainless steel case, S1 Active replaces this with a lightweight metal frame.

There are no scratches, or markings anywhere on the case because the S1 Active has bezels that are just slightly above the surface of the display, just add a bit of extra protection there. The standard S1 has a much more simple finish with just the time markings.


There is an identical 1.43-inch AMOLED screen on both the Xiaomi Watch S1 and the S1 Active. They got the same 326 pixels per inch resolution. On both of these watches, there is an automatic brightness option.

UI and Features

If you are used to WearOS, and Huawei Watches the main difference is that you will actually be swiping up the screen in order to access your settings menu and swiping down the screen to access your notifications which is kind of backwards compared with other smartwatches.

If you swipe left, you can access your widget pages and can fully customize some features within the mobile app to set them up exactly how you want them through the Xiaomi Wear App. You can completely get rid of some of the widgets if you want just by dragging them down to the bottom.

At any point, you can add a new page of widgets, and you have got lots of selections on the app. Also, you can fit multiple widgets onto a single piece. You can use your smartwatch to take photos with your smartphone remotely.

Speaker and Microphone

Both of these Xiaomi Smart Watches boast a built-in speaker and a microphone. As well as you can take calls via the watch, and the mic quality is fantastic, it will be picking up everything else going around you. Also, both the Xiaomi Watch S1 vs S1 Active will also offer Amazon Alexa voice assistant support.

Fitness Tracking

If you are a massive fitness fan, you do a lot of trips to the gym, well, you do not have to get the S1 Active, you can just get the standard Xiaomi Watch S1 because this boosts the exact same fitness feature; you have got your 24/7 heart-rate monitoring using a ppg. There are also 117 different kinds of exercise types.

Battery Life

Both of these smartwatches support a 470mAh battery, according to the Xiaomi you will get around 12 days of use with typical usage, but we think that if you have got all of the features active, including that always-on display, the 24/7 heart rate, and SPO2 tracking, you are actually going to get 5 days. To be able to charge both models, you will get the charging dock with the smartwatch, so if you are going on a long trip, do not forget to take your charging dock with you.

Which one is the best Xiaomi Watch S1 vs S1 Active?

There are two options, if you are a more sporty type, you prefer the S1 Active, but if you just want a really nice slick, and premium-looking smartwatch, you should prefer the Xiaomi Watch S1. If you want a fully-featured smartwatch with strong battery life, then give it a change both of them.

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