Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro is set to become the first SIM Support Xiaomi Smartwatch!

The world of smartwatches is advancing every day, with new smartwatches being released onto the market. Today, two Xiaomi smartwatches, expected to be the Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro, have been discovered. The key feature of these smartwatches is that they now come with SIM support. The Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro will be the first Xiaomi Watch to offer SIM support and set it apart from other watches. Users will be able to make phone calls as they please. Additionally, a lighter and more convenient new watch is expected compared to the Watch S2.

Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro in IMEI Database

The Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro has been detected in the IMEI Database. Expectations for the new smartwatch include various new sports modes, a stylish design with elegance, and other additional useful features. As mentioned in the title, the Watch S2 Pro will have SIM support. For the first time, we will see a Xiaomi smartwatch with SIM support. According to the information obtained from the IMEI Database, two different models of the Watch S2 Pro are expected to be introduced. Here is the information in the IMEI Database!

Two smartwatches with model numbers M2311W1 and M2312W1 have been detected. We believe these smartwatches are the Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro. Similar to last year, Xiaomi is expected to release its new watches in August and December. The Xiaomi Watch S2 was introduced in December 2022. Now, the introduction of the new Watch S2 Pro is anticipated.

During the August 2023 launch, Xiaomi will also release its MIX FOLD 3 foldable smartphone. The MIX FOLD 3 will be Xiaomi’s latest foldable product and will offer improvements compared to the MIX FOLD 2. It should bring a new processor, better camera sensors, and more. It has been revealed that the new Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro will be introduced alongside the MIX FOLD 3.

While there aren’t any other details about the new smartwatches, the addition of SIM support is excellent. As mentioned, you will be able to make calls directly from your smartwatch whenever you want. This is a highly useful feature that should satisfy users. If we discover any new details about the Watch S2 Pro, we will keep you informed.

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