Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Review

Security and safety, especially at our homes, is something that we all care about. Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 came here for this. When it comes to security, smart home devices such as security cams are fairly popular. However setting up a whole security system at your home may be very pricey. So it may not be something that you want to do unless you have some real security concerns. In this case Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360, which is a small and affordable security device, can be pretty useful.

This beautifully designed security camera offers great features for people who are looking for a simple tool for home security. While it may not be able to offer really high end features like a professional system, it can give users a simple security cam experience. Therefore if you are trying to find a nice and affordable security cam, Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 can be a good option. Here on this review we are going to take a detailed look into the features of this product. So by taking a look at this review you can learn about this camera in great detail and decide whether it is for you or not.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Technical Specs

Since we are talking about a security camera, taking a look at its technical specs is the first thing we are going to do. Because many factors regarding specs can affect the functionality of the cam. For example size of the camera can affect how noticeable it is. Then the weight impacts the options you may have in terms of placing it in different locations. For instance a lighter and smaller security camera may be more versatile regarding where you can put it.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Technical Specs

However if you get a camera that is way too small, this can affect things like video quality and price. Speaking of video quality, this is one of the most important factors to look at when buying a security camera. Because if nothing is easily visible in the recording, the camera would be practically useless. As far as these important factors, Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 can be a very good option for many users. Now let’s take a look at its specs in greater detail. Then see if its specs fit what you have in your mind or not.

Size and Weight

When picking a security camera, one of the factors that matter a lot is its size. Because with security cams, we want them to be as inconspicuous as possible. And a good way to make sure that the cam is less noticeable is to pick one that is small. In terms of size, Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 is a fairly good option. The dimensions of the camera are 78 x 78 x 118 mm. So in inches its dimensions are roughly around 3.07 x 3.07 x 4.64.

While it is a small security camera, it is not one of those that are extremely tiny. Therefore even though it is not very noticeable, it is not a completely hidden camera. Another factor that may be important is the weight of the security camera. Because a lighter one may be more flexible in terms of picking a location for it. This wireless security camera weighs 239 grams, which is around 0.52 lbs. So along with being a quite small camera, it is also fairly light as well.

Video Quality, Lens Angle and Memory

If you are planning to buy Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 you might be curious about its video quality. Because when it comes to picking a good security cam, this is one of the qualities that is very important. Since you want to be able to get a good recording, video quality is important. This security camera has a video quality of 1080p with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. As a user you can pick its recording to be either 1080p or 720p, to save from memory space.

Then another important feature to check out is the lens angle. Basically lens angle shows us the field of vision in a camera. This security cam has a lens angle of 110°. So its field of vision is fairly wide. Also this cam is capable of rotating left-right and up-down. It can rotate 360° horizontally and it can tilt vertically from -20° to – 95°. Therefore with this cam users can get a pretty good view of the area.

Moreover, another important feature to look at is the memory of the cam for video storage. It records videos on a MicroSD card with up to 64 GB of storage space. According to some sources it can record videos for up to 5 days in total. So in terms of video quality, covering a good amount of area and storage space, this camera can be a very good option.


Since we took a look at the video quality features of this cam, you can probably already guess what its performance level is like. However, there are other important factors that can affect the performance level of a security cam. For example, lighting, network connection and video compression method are significant factors to check out. These factors can greatly impact the quality of the recording, which is extremely important for security cameras.

Xiaomi Camera Performance

Firstly, the camera uses H.265 compression, which is also known as high efficiency video coding. While this is an effective way to store videos with less space, it can reduce the quality to a degree. However the quality loss is not too great. Then, the frame rate of the recordings of this camera is 25FPS. As far as lighting, this security camera can still record decent video even in low light environments, which is great for a security cam. Lastly it supports Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz as its connectivity specs.


When it comes to controlling the camera and its connectivity, we can say that it is a very easy to use device. Basically after you set it up by following a few simple steps, you get to use it with the Xiaomi Home app.

By picking the cam on the app, you can see the recording in real time. Also it is possible to tilt the camera and rotate it side to side through the app as well. Moreover there are many ways to customize the security cam and you can even connect it with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Is Setting Up Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Easy?

A very good question that you may have about this product is whether it is easy to setup or not. As we have stated, the camera is very easy to use. But what about the setting up process? Is it easy as well? Well, just like it is easy to use, this security cam is pretty easy to setup as well.

Is Setting Up Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Easy

Firstly, the device scans the environment after you place it and plug it to an electricity source. Then through the Xiaomi Home app, you can connect to the device. Throughout the process, you will hear voice prompts from the device to help you with it.

Does Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Have Motion Detection?

Another good question that you may have is if Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 has motion detection or not. Basically motion detection feature monitors movement in the area, which can be a pretty useful quality for a security cam to have.

If this is something that you want in a security camera, this product can offer it. This security camera can detect movement and it can warn you with app notifications. You can activate the motion detection feature through its settings. However sometimes app notifications may take some time to reach.

How Can Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Make Your Life Easier?

Although things like the technical specs of a security camera matter, what is really important is how this product can make your life better and easier. So for this reason you might be wondering how Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 can impact your life.

Basically, this is a very decent security camera if you are looking for something basic. When you are not home, you can leave it on to be aware of what is going on in your house. Especially if you have pets or kids at home, this can be very good since you can also talk to them through the camera.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Design

Up until now we have examined the functional features of this camera such as its size, video quality, ease of use, etc. However, if you are buying a security camera, the design of the cam may be important to you. Because you might be wanting to get something that fits the design of your house.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Design

Also, the design of the cam can affect its noticeability as well. Simply put, Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 has a minimalistic and functional design. Besides it looks quite well designed and high quality as well.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Price

If you are planning to buy Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360, one of the things that you are wondering about must probably its price. Basically, it is a simple security camera and its price is not too high.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Price

The price of this product varies from store to store and the price range is around $46 to $85. Although its prices may change over time, currently it is a fairly affordable security cam.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Pros and Cons

While we have taken a look at many different aspects of this security camera, you might still be struggling to pick whether you will buy it or not. Because considering all these features at the same time may be difficult to do. Therefore you might need to check out the pros and cons of Xiaomi Wireless IP Security Camera. Here we put together a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


• Fairly small size and simple design.
• Takes high quality video recording with up to 64GB of storage space.
• Has motion detection and can warn about movement with app notifications
• Features a speaker that can allow you to talk to people or pets around it.


• The app notifications may be delayed.
• It is a very rudimentary security cam in many aspects.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Review Summary

In this review we have taken a very detailed look at the features of this security camera. So at this point you might be starting to have an idea on whether it is a product that you may find useful or not. However you might also be starting to get quite confused due to the amount of information.

Therefore you may be needing a simpler and more concise overview of what this product is like. In summary Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 is a simple and high quality security camera. While it may have some downsides like the delay with app notifications, it can be a good option for users who are looking for a simple security camera.

Is Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360 Worth Buying?

Up to this point we have talked about the many aspects of Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360. For example we examined its technical specs as well as its design quality and price. So right now you might be wondering if this is worth buying or not.

As a basic security camera option, there are many users of this product. While many users really like it, some users dislike the product due to varying reasons. For instance, there are users who experience connection issues as well as delay with app notifications.

However, there are also many users of this product that like it a lot. So if you are looking to find a basic security camera, this one can be a good option to pick. Now you can take a look at this product’s features, price and other factors that you want to consider. After this, you can compare it with other options and decide whether it is worth buying or not.

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