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Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Review – Small and Comfort

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2, with its small size and minimalist design, is a great mouse to use with a laptop and has tech features that are suitable for office use. It is very affordable and is the best wireless mouse for its price.

The first detail that laptop users look for when choosing a mouse is the connectivity. This is because using a wired mouse on a portable computer is a bit cumbersome and not very convenient. Wireless mice offer great convenience when using your laptop, especially when you go to a cafe or are on vacation. Xiaomi, on the other hand, launched the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 in 2020, which is suitable for your portable computer and can be easily carried around.

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Technical Specifications

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 has less technical features than other advanced wireless mice, but this mouse is more compact and suitable for easy use. It is so small that you can even carry it in your pocket.

The sensor resolution of the mouse is 1000 DPI. If your laptop does not have a high-resolution screen, 1000 DPI is sufficient, but it may insufficient for resolutions above 1080p. The connection to the computer is done via the 2.4GHz receiver. The receiver of the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 is located next to the battery compartment when you remove the top cover. This way, when you are not using the receiver, you can take it out of the computer and put it back in its compartment to avoid losing it.

You can connect the mouse to a remote control device and use it conveniently. The 2.4 GHz receiver can work at a distance of up to 10 meters. The battery life of the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 is great. With a AA battery, you can use the mouse for about 1 year. If you want a long battery life, you should choose quality batteries. The buttons of the mouse are very comfortable and quieter than other mice. It is suitable for use in quiet places like libraries.

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Price

The Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 looks elegant and simple, small yet convenient to use, and very affordable. It costs about $10 and is only available in the Chinese market.

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