Xiaomi’s TWS sales beats competitors – 8% marketshare globally

Xiaomi’s TWS sales have been increasing ever since the tech giant released their AirDots headphones, and now they’re among the top vendors for TWS headphones. Well, what’s their marketshare like? What are other brands’ ranking on the list? Let’s find out.

Xiaomi's TWS sales
Xiaomi’s AirDots earbuds.

What are Xiaomi’s TWS sales like?

Xiaomi’s sales for TWS headphones make up a small chunk of the companies sales, considering how many product they sell. However, according to Canalys’ analysis on the topic, Xiaomi makes up 8% of the marketshare for TWS headphones, alongside Apple and Samsung, who respectively make up 32% and 10% of the marketshare. Considering that 290 million units have been sold this year, the 8% marketshare makes up a large amount of sales for Xiaomi. Here is a chart of the global marketshare of TWS headphones, provided by Canalys.

Rankings of other brands

Apple is ranked at first place, with 103 million shipments of TWS headphones with their AirPods series, Samsung at second place with 43 million shipments of their Galaxy Buds, and Xiaomi at third place with 23 million AirDots sales worldwide. However, Apple’s sales includes Beats headphones and Samsung’s sales include Harman subsidiaries as well, so they’re getting marketshare via their subsidiaries too. Xiaomi, however, is at third place with only their devices.

Apple has fallen 7% on the marketshare chart, due to the delayed release of 3rd gen AirPods, while Samsung’s marketshare increased by 19%, and Xiaomi’s marketshare has increased by 3%. This may not sound that impressive, but that account for a large amount of sales worldwide.

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