Xiaomi Leaks and Upcoming Devices

2 new budget phones from POCO and Redmi will be out this summer!

One of the major companies in China and renowned with its wide variety of devices, Xiaomi will be releasing 2 new budget phones that are sure to get people excited this summer.

2 New Budget Phones from POCO and Redmi out in summer!

This summer, Xiaomi plans to release two new budget phones. Currently there isn’t much information on these devices but we will be updating you about it the second anything comes up. These 2 devices will come with MIUI 13 based on Android 12 and it is quite likely that they will be the same device, with region differences. Codenames for these devices will be rock and stone.

L19A model will be a Redmi device whereas L19C a POCO model and it will only be in global indian version. Both devices will be released into the Indian market. Release date for these 2 new budget phones is expected to be between July and August 2022. Xiaomi is also preparing for a new flagship device called Xiaomi 13, you can read about it in Xiaomi 13 is leaked on IMEI database, hints release date content.

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