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5 Essential Tips for Android Users

Looking back at the first versions of Android, it has come a very long way and managed to become a huge operating system with a lot of features. However, as you grow and become bigger, so do the issues that come with that. There are optimal ways to use your Android device, and we will be giving you tips to improve your experience.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Users may think that because they don’t use the apps installed, they don’t have to uninstall them, that they are not a strain in the performance. However, this is simply incorrect. Even when you don’t actively use those apps, there may be services associated to them, and they may be running in the background, stealing from your RAM, battery and CPU. As long as you keep those apps, you run the risk of unnecessarily wasting energy from your device. So first tip in our list is that you should remove all the unnecessary apps from your device.

Navigation Gestures

With the release of Android 10, Google introduced to us a better way to navigate our full screen devices. Previously, we used navigation bars for this action, however, they took a large space in the screen and were not very intuitive in terms of the usage. Navigation gestures allow you to disable that bar and free that space for better usage, and include swipe gestures to get you to places.

Swiping left from the right side of the screen or right from the left side is the back gesture, swiping up from the bottom of the screen takes you to launcher and swiping up from the bottom and holding it in the middle of the screen shows you recent apps menu. Once you get used to it, things become so much easier and you end up with more space to use on the screen.

Activate Find My Device

Safety is a big concern in smartphones as you may be storing private data such as personal photos, bank account identifications and so on. You do not want your data to fall into the wrong hands since you always carry the risk of having your device stolen or losing it. Someone may use this private data to hurt you either financially or psychologically. So this tip is purely about safety.

Find My Device feature allows you to view where your device is at in a map through GPS and based on your desired action, you can go ahead and wipe your device clean remotely to prevent data leak or lock it so that data becomes inaccessible. You can also ring your device if you feel like you lost it somewhere near you and can find it.

Apps from Unknown Sources


On Android, you do not have to depend on Play Store to install new apps. Another way is to download the app over internet and install it. However, in order to do that, you will need to turn on Unknown Sources setting in your device settings. Your package manager will prompt it while trying to install, so you don’t have to search every section of settings. However, take this tip with a grain of salt, as some app may turn up a malware and your system can be infected.

Chat Bubbles

This feature was introduced in Android 10 and only supported by few apps but it certainly makes your device more fun to use. Messages app can show you your new message in chat bubbles just like in Facebook Messenger app.


And Facebook Messenger app chat bubbles turn into Android’s own version of bubbles, which kind of deprives you of certain features of the app, but it is still a great experience. Unfortunately not many apps have implemented this feature therefore app support is quite limited.


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