6 Most Interesting Xiaomi Products

As you know, Xiaomi is just “phone” brand, or not? Did you know that Xiaomi is also active outside the phones? Well, what can they produce other than phone industry? Our list will surprise you. Here are 6 most interesting Xiaomi products. Let’s get started.

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A Xiaomi brand robot vacuum cleaner! Isn’t that weird? Actually, when you think of Xiaomi, phones or watchs/bands usually comes to mind.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a small and cute vacuum cleaner launched 2020 April. Looks like good quality, has a long battery life and can maneuver itself nicely. It can clean short pile carpets and bare floors, but not strong enough to clean high pile carpets. Vacuum cleaner companion app is available, it can be controlled from there. You can change power modes in companion app. Has a 4 mode: Silent, Standart, Turbo, Max. Power consumption in correct order from start to finish.

And this cleaner has numerous automation features. Laser mapping technique creates a map of the vacuum’s coverage area. You may then arrange ‘Zone Cleaning’ sessions using this map. It is currently priced at around $400.

Congratulations Xiaomi. I think it’s good job.

Xiaomi Smart Flower Pot

Whoa? A smart flower pot! It looks very stylish. Rather than an ordinary flower pot, it is quite developed.

Bluetooth 4.1 is available, can be controlled from the phone with companion app. It is equipped with a built-in battery and sensors that measure the moisture content and fertilizer level in the soil. Has a 4 different lights for notifications. According to the condition of the plant, it informs you what is missing. It is currently priced at around $60.

Now you can take care of your plant more easily. I think this would make a perfect gift.

Xiaomi Mi 8H

When you looked at the name, you thought it was a phone from the Mi 8 series, didn’t you? Actually, it’s a pillow.

Mi 8H

No no, wireless connection or charging port isn’t available. Just a pillow.

Mi 8H was introduced with “8 hours of good sleep” hence the name 8H. Comfortable, compatible with natural head and neck positions. Cheap and good quality. It is antibacterial and made of safe material, so it can even be used in medicine. It is currently priced at around $30.

Simple compared to other products, but really interesting. Let’s continue.

Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is the total amount of dissolved mineral values ​​in water. These can be listed as metals, organic and inorganic living things, minerals, salts. Xiaomi also made this product, it’s really interesting. It is used to measure the quality of drinking water. 0-300 is very good, and above 1200 is undrinkable. It is currently priced at around $15.

Xiaomi TDS Pen

Xiaomi Ninebot Unicycle

This time we are faced with a very solid work. Xiaomi Ninebot Unicycle!

ninebot s2

Xiaomi Ninebot Unicycle is monowheel small vehicle that can be used to navigate across parks, streets, or a huge university campus. Ideal for people who don’t want to deal with traffic and who are in a hurry during the day. Small, fast, portable. It can balance itself while driving, has a handle for easy carrying. LED illumination and foldable footrests are included on the wheel. It has a durable motor and a long-lasting battery. It can reach a speed of 24km/h. It is currently priced at around $300.

It includes a high-speed CPU and precise gyroscopes that give highly sensitive tactile feedback, as well as an ergonomic intimate design that allows for true human-vehicle interaction. Nice job Xiaomi!

Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie

These cute walkie-talkies are ideal for communicating with the other party when there is no signal. Powerful despite it’s slim design.

It has a 3W transmission power. It has a range of 6-10 km, it’s pretty good. Comes with LED screen, inbuilt GPS, Micro-USB charging port, Bluetooth 4.2 (for companion app) and FM radio support (87-108mHz). 2190mAh battery gives 5 days stand-by and 16 hours normal use. It is currently priced at around $60.

We have seen that Xiaomi produces other things besides phones. Continue to follow us.

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