9 Best Xiaomi Mi Band Themes You Can Customize Perfectly

The Xiaomi Mi Band series is the most beautiful product series Xiaomi has produced. Through the Xiaomi Mi Band themes that you can customize as you wish, you can use the themes from the internet or official. Thanks to the best Xiaomi Mi Band themes, you can customize your Mi Band and use a more beautiful theme.

Xiaomi Mi Band themes are divided into two user-designed and original themes. However, users may not like the original themes, and therefore reason, they may turn to different, interesting, and more beautifully designed Xiaomi Mi Band themes. Allowing third-party themes, Xiaomi Mi Band provides users with a lot of comfort in customizing. In this review, you can find third-party Xiaomi Mi Band themes.

Best Xiaomi Mi Band Themes For Xiaomi Mi Band 4

First of all, it is necessary to look at the themes of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which is the most used model among Xiaomi Mi Band Lar. As the most used model, Mi Band 4, which has the most Xiaomi Mi Band themes, offers a very wide library in terms of theme diversity. These themes, designed by various users, are preferred and liked by thousands of users. For Xiaomi Mi Band 4, there are 2 top-rated, futuristic, and sporty themes.

Designed by the user named Mascone, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 theme offers both a futuristic and vintage design. At the same time, this design, which will attract the attention of users who love Fallout, is among the most popular Mi Band 4 themes. Its animated and green design also provides quick access to features such as distance walked and heart rate on the screen. About 704 people added this theme, which is one of the most preferred themes among Xiaomi Mi Band themes, to their favorites. Click here to download the Fallout PipBoy theme.

The Metro theme, designed for users who use Mi Band 4 for sportive purposes, brings features such as a large pedometer, calories burned, mileage, and weather to the home screen. Thus, you can see the calories you have burned faster and easily see the distance you have traveled. At the same time, it’s very successful design offers users an aesthetic appearance. Metro, a design that has entered the favorites of 719 people thanks to its beautiful design and user interface, was designed by a user named Avone. Click here to download the Metro theme.

The Minimalist Theme of Mi Band 4: Numerals Duo

If you want to see the clock only when I open the bracelet, the Numerals Duo theme is for you. It is a very minimal design that offers you only the watch with a very minimal visual, and offers pleasing color options. As in simultaneous, this design, which looks very modern, is ideal for users who like minimal and modern. Click here to download this theme designed by franluciani.

Best Xiaomi Mi Band Themes For Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is also a product with a lot of users. Even though the original themes are pretty good, they still fall short. Users want more beautiful designs and theme developers are designing very beautiful themes. Although there are more classic, vintage-style designs for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, there are two very beautiful designs, one sporty and one vintage.

The sporty and very modern Infograph theme is one of the most preferred themes among Xiaomi Mi Band themes. This theme offers you a very nice design with ease of use. Its sporty design, easy use, and features on the home screen make this theme one of the most popular. At the same time, this theme, which has two different options in itself, can offer both a mechanical look and a digital look. Click here to download this theme designed by franluciani.

The Vintage, Classic Theme of Mi Band 5: mt-b5-wf4

This theme with a strange coding name will attract the attention of vintage and classic lovers. In addition to its ease of use, it provides a really pleasant experience visually. Thanks to this theme, you can live “past within the future” and create a visual feast for yourself. Favorited by 466 people, this theme is highly appreciated thanks to its material icons, and old and vintage design. You can click here to download this theme designed by media touch.

The Meme Theme of Mi Band 5: Cat Flopping MEME

If you say you always like fun things, this theme for Mi Band 5 is for you. This theme is a fun theme designed based on the “cat flopping meme” featured on many social media platforms. It has a very nice drawing and design. At the same time, it provides you convenience by showing your heart rate and the steps you take on the main screen. Click here to download this theme designed by user Johnson070.

Best Xiaomi Mi Band Themes For Xiaomi Mi Band 6

There are only a few Xiaomi Mi Band 6 themes to compile as it doesn’t have many users and not many custom themes. Despite its advanced technology, Mi Band 6 is a fairly new device and as time goes by, beautiful new themes will be produced. But due to the current situation, it would be more logical to look at a few themes.

Pixel Periods Theme: PokeInitials Theme For Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The times of pixel games, movies, and cartoons were quite pleasant and quiet times. This theme, which will bring you back to your childhood, keeps the user experience in the foreground and does not compromise on design. It displays features such as weather forecast, calories burned, distance, and heart rate on the home screen and allows you to access them easily. At the same time, you can use this theme, which has 6 language options for European countries, in your language. You can click here to download this theme designed by the developer named Gabolt.

Minimalist theme for Mi Band 6: nikeblack

For Xiaomi Mi Band 6 users who love sporty, simple, and minimal, we come across the like black theme. This theme, which can be called the simplest among the Xiaomi Mi Band themes, looks very simple, stylish, and modern in terms of design. The “Nike” logo on it will also attract the attention of Nike lovers. You can click here to download this theme made by buraklarca.

Material, Minimal, Modern, Everything You’re Looking For! Alina theme for Mi Band 6

Alina is the most successful theme among Xiaomi Mi Band themes, which can make everyone who loves material design happy, creates a more aesthetic atmosphere with its minimal touches, and is very successful in terms of ease of use. This theme includes 6 language options and offers you almost all the features you can access on the home screen with its successful icons. In this way, you can reach the information you want to reach more easily and you can do this by using a beautiful theme. This theme, liked by about 320 people, was made by a user named Carbon+. Click here to download.

With the best Xiaomi Mi Band themes compiled here, you can install any theme on your own Xiaomi Mi Band and make it quite beautiful. These themes, which will attract the attention of many users due to the lack of original themes in terms of aesthetics, predominantly give an old and vintage feel. All you have to do is to like a theme among them and install your theme with the “how to install” guide in the download section. You can also check out the Top 5 Best Themes for Xiaomi Devices article by clicking here.

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