About Xiaomiui

Xiaomiui is the most popular Xiaomi community, who’s mission is to give you the most accurate info on leaks, new products, releases and more. Our main goal is to be your main source for news related to technology, whether it be about Xiaomi, or any other brand. We’re a small group of people from all around the world, who try to make sure that you’re receiving the latest news, about new product releases, updates, custom ROMs, leaks, and more. We’ve been working hard at our Xiaomi community mission since 2017, and have amassed a large following, and we hope that it will get larger each coming day. We gather our information from secret and accurate sources and our main object is to please you, the reader.

We also have the most popular apps for Xiaomi users, like MIUI Downloader, which has received over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and is the most preferred MIUI update app. With this app, you can download the most recent MIUI versions, the most recent China Beta versions, and Mi Pilot ROMs. We also have our MIUI Updater app available, where you can check if your device is eligible for MIUI 13, or Android 13, and if you’re running the latest version of MIUI.

This is not an official Xiaomi website. The Xiaomi and the MIUI name are property on Xiaomi. This website belongs to Xiaomiui, the largest unofficial fan community. We keep lots of Xiaomi news, reviews and leaks for our followers.

Xiaomiui Milestones


We started our broadcasting life by opening our Telegram channel on August 29, sharing Xiaomi and MIUI news, leaks and update links and similar content. Although we didn’t have many followers at first, we grew fast as we were the first channel to share MIUI 10 leaks and beta versions. Users preferred us because they wanted to learn the information of MIUI Beta versions early.


We reached 10.000 followers and became the most popular Xiaomi and MIUI news channel on Telegram. Our followers started following our sources and without doubting the accuracy of our content. Besides our Telegram channel, we created our Telegram group and started to lay the foundation of xiaomiui.net.


We opened xiaomiui.net forum so that Xiaomiui followers can follow our content outside of Telegram. They could share and download custom ROM and stock ROM from our website. Thousands of content were added in a short time to our website, which had the concept of a forum when it was opened.


We created our MIUI Download Telegram channel and released the “Xiaomiui MIUI Downloader” application for Android on the Google Play Store so that Xiaomi users can download the latest and safest MIUI versions. This application we made has been the first and only Android application where you can directly download the latest MIUI versions. We have started to make lists where you can track whether your device is eligible to new Android and MIUI versions, and we have included this in our application.


We have presented the information of Xiaomi phones that will be introduced in the future to our followers in the most accurate way. We created our new channels such as Xiaomiui Prototypes, Xiaomiui Mods. In the summer of 2021, we revised xiaomiui.net and reopened it as a real-time and reliable news site. On our new website, our concept was not only news, also MIUI updates information, phone leaks, Android applications, MIUI themes, MIUI features, etc.

Apart from the new face of Xiaomiui.net, we made MIUI applications such as MIUI Downloader, MIUI Updater, GCamLoader released them to users in the Google Play Store.  These applications reached millions of downloads in short time. We created a stable UI and UX instead of unstable interface of old applications and had a more stable application experience. With the new application, we have added new features to be able to read the news on our website and to activate hidden MIUI features.


We expanded our content author staff and included all of Xiaomi’s ecosystem products on our website. We got 300.000 daily readers and over 16 million readers in total. We have been cited as the #1 source for everything related to Xiaomi on the Internet. We’ve been ranked #1 on Google for everything related to Xiaomi. We have written and shared over 2000 new articles. Apart from our followers, we have now become the trusted and #1 unofficial Xiaomi Fan Community all over the world.

The Xiaomiui Team

Burak Mete Erdoğan

General Manager

Owner of Xiaomiui.

Emir Bardakçı

Editor in Chief

21 years old Metareverse technician and graphic designer.

Erdil Sualp Bayram

Social Media Manager

A xiaomi lover.

Aadil Gillani

Content Finder

Engaged, Creative computer science Pakistani student who in his free time analyzes MIUI System Apps in order to remove bugs & optimize UI & UX

Alperen Arabacı

News Writer

An article writer, loves technology and software.

Deniz Kalkan

News Writer

Nonbinary tech enthusiast. I write for xiaomiui.

Kadir Can Akıncı

Content Writer

I am a tech enthusiast, love the phones and their cameras even more, currently studying computer science in Turkey. You can reach me out through mail.

Erencan Yılmaz

Content Writer

My name is Erencan Yılmaz. I follow the technology closely and write about the developments about it.

Barış Kırmızı

Content Writer

An article writer that is pretty average in typing. Also a java developer that makes stuff what works or what not.

Furkan Çakmak

News Writer

I'm Furkan from Xiaomiui. I have been conveying news on Xiaomi agenda to our followers, within Xiaomiui for a long time. For your opinions and other feedbacks, you can reach me on many social platforms with my username (@furkancakmak34x). Keep following Xiaomiui for unique and up-to-date contents.

Yigit Emre Yanik

Content Writer

Android phone developer and a content writer about Android.

Mehmet Demirbaş

Content Writer

My name is Mehmet Demirbaş. I enjoy writing a lot, it is very important for me to deliver the most accurate information to people quickly.


Content Writer

My name is Taha, I am 18 years old. I actively follow technology and write articles.


Content Writer

Hello there, I'm Çağan. Just a guy who likes tinkering with devices, and writing articles about them.