How to add new functions on the 2nd screen of the Mi 11 Ultra

Do you love 2nd screen of the Mi 11 Ultra? You’re always on the lookout for new ways to customize your phone. So when you heard that the 2nd screen of the Mi 11 Ultra on the back of the phone, you were intrigued. Unfortunately, MIUI doesn’t let you customize the back screen as much as you would like. Prebuilt options allowing you to see basic information such as notifications, remaining battery level and time. However, an XDA developer made an app that makes possible to cast your main screen to the secondary one. It’s also handy for taking selfies with the rear camera. Overall, you’re glad that you were able to find a different way to make use of the back screen.

Add new functions on the 2nd screen of the Mi 11 Ultra

The app is made to bring a new quick tile on the quick settings panel. Open the app and then tap on the quick tile with the title of “Mirror to Rear Screen”. It will ask for the permission allow it and now the secondary display will show the image same as the main display.

The app isn’t fully completed though so you may encounter some issues. Get this app on XDA Forum and visit GitHub page of the developer. Remove battery restrictions of the app to not ktill it in the background. MIUI is pretty aggressive at shutting down background services. You can read all specifications of Mi 11 Ultra.

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