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Android 12-based Paranoid Android has been released and it has brought many beautiful wallpapers. Everyone who uses Paranoid Android ROM has seen colorful and wide variety of Paranoid Android wallpapers. This ROM stands out for its simple design and eye-catching wallpapers. In the new Android 12 version, the wallpapers fit well with the material you design. There is something interesting about these wallpapers: All of them have their own unique name. We have compiled all stock Paranoid Android wallpapers for you in this post. Thank you designer Hampus Olsson!

Download Paranoid Android Wallpapers

Paranoid Android wallpapers stand out with their vivid design and being multi-colored. These wallpapers have abstract design and all are in high resolution. There are 29 wallpapers in QHD+ resolution total. Before downloading the wallpaper archive, you can preview them here.

Download Paranoid Android Wallpapers Archive

Like every Android version, Paranoid Android versions have a special codename: Android 10 is codenamed Q, and that’s why the Paranoid Android 10 version is called Quartz. The codename of Android 11 is R, and the Paranoid Android version of Android 11 is named Ruby. Android 12’s codename is S, and Paranoid Android 12’s codename is Sapphire etc.

Paranoid Android ROM has been released as open source since the first versions of Android. This ROM was very popular in the Android 6 times. It was such a familiar rom that, in 2015, OnePlus hired a few Paranoid Android workers to develop the OxygenOS interface. So, no more roms have been released after Android 7 release. After a long time, work started again with Android 10. The current latest version is android 12L based Sapphire version.

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