All Xiaomi Codenames

Like most (if not, all) Android phone companies, Xiaomi gives its devices codenames. These codenames are given to devices internally to identify them, and they range from flower types, to names of famous painters, to… watch companies?

Yes, Xiaomi has some very interesting codenames, which we will list all of them in this article. But before we get to that, lets see some of the more common types of codenames Xiaomi has under their belt.

Common codename variants

Watch brands

Interestingly enough, Xiaomi has named multiple devices after famous watch companies, such as the Mi A1, codenamed “tissot“, or the Redmi Note 4X, codenamed “mido“.¬† These devices are now end of life, and Xiaomi no longer names their devices after watch brands, sadly. These codenames used to be specific to Redmi devices and one Mi device, the Mi A1.

Mythological gods and goddesses

Next on our list, are mythological gods. Xiaomi has named quite a few devices after gods, such as the Mi MIX 4, codenamed “odin“, or the Redmi 10, codenamed “selene“. These codenames are usually reserved for their flagships, except, for example, the previously mentioned Redmi 10.

Flower names

Xiaomi mostly names their Redmi phones after flowers. For example, the Redmi Note 8 Pro, codenamed “begonia”,¬†or its distant cousin, the Redmi Note 10S, codenamed “rosemary” (also codenamed¬†secret in some regions.) These are the most common codenames in Xiaomi’s lineup.


Some of Xiaomi’s older flagships used to be named after constellations, such as the Mi 9 SE, codenamed “grus“, or the Mi 9, codenamed “cepheus“. These codenames were given to devices released between 2015 and 2019, and due to being in development for a long time, the Mi MIX Fold was also codenamed “cetus“, therefore is an exception.

These are the most common codenames given to devices internally in Xiaomi’s factories.

Now, lets list all the codenames!

Mi 1Smione
Mi 2aries
Mi 2Saries
Mi 2ataurus
Mi 3 TDpisces
Mi 3cancro
Redmi 1Sarmani
Redmi Note 6592Mlcsh92_wet_jb9
Redmi Notedior
Mi Padmocha
Mi 4cancro
Redmi Note 4Gdior
Mi 4 LTEcancro
Redmi 2wt88047
Mi Notevirgo
Mi Note Proleo
Redmi 2Alte26007
Mi 4iferrari
Redmi Note 2hermes
Redmi Note 2 Primehermes
Mi 4clibra
Redmi 2A Enhancedhermes
Redmi Note 3hennessy
Redmi Note 3 SEkate
Mi Pad 2latte
Redmi Note Prime(unknown)
Redmi 3ido
Redmi Note 3 Pro 16GBkenzo
Redmi Note 3 Pro 32GBkenzo
Mi 4Saqua
Mi 5gemini
Mi 5 Lite (unreleased)ulysse
Redmi 3 Proido
Mi Maxhydrogen
Mi Max Primehelium
Redmi 3Sland
Redmi 3Xland
Redmi Proomega
Redmi Note 4 MTKnikel
Redmi Note 4 / 4Xmido
Mi 5Scapricorn
Mi 5S Plusnatrium
Redmi 3S Plusland
Mi Note 2scorpio
Mi MIXlithium
Redmi 4prada
Redmi 4 Primemarkw
Redmi 4Arolex
Redmi 4Xsantoni
Mi 5Cmeri
Mi 6sagit
Mi 6 Pro (unreleased)centaur
Mi Pad 3cappu
Mi Max 2oxygen
Redmi Note 5A / Redmi Y1 Liteugglite
Redmi Note 5A Prime / Redmi Y1ugg
Redmi 5rosy
Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 Chinavince
Redmi Note 5 Pro (unreleased)urwerk
Redmi Note 5 (unreleased)uter
Mi 5Xtiffany
Mi A1tissot_sprout
Mi MIX 2chiron
Mi Note 3jason
Mi Note 3 Pro (unreleased)achillies
Redmi 5Ariva
Redmi Note 5 Prowhyred
Mi MIX 2Spolaris
Mi 6Xwayne
Redmi S2 / Y2ysl
Redmi 6cactus
Redmi 6Acereus
Redmi 6 Prosakura
Mi Pad 4clover
Mi 8dipper
Mi 8 Liteplatina
Mi 8 SEsirius
Mi 8 Explorer Editionursa
Mi 8 Pro / UDequuleus
Mi 8 Old (unreleased)dipper_old
Mi Max 3nitrogen
Mi A2jasmine_sprout
Mi A2 Litedaisy_sprout
POCO F1beryllium
Redmi Note 6 Protulip
Mi MIX 3perseus
Mi Playlotus
Redmi Note 7 / 7Slavender
Redmi Note 7 Proviolet
Redmi GOtiare
Mi 9 / Explorer Editioncepheus
Mi 9 SEgrus
Mi 9 Pro 5Gcrux
Mi MIX 3 5Gandromeda
Redmi 7onclite
Redmi Y3onc
Redmi K20davinci
Redmi K20 Proraphael
Mi 9Tdavinci
Mi 9T Proraphael
POCO F2 (unreleased)davinci
Redmi 7Apine
Mi 9 Litepyxis
Mi CC 9pyxis
Mi CC 9 Meituvela
Mi CC 9elaurus
Mi CC 9 Pro / Premiumtucana
Mi Note 10 / Premiumtucana
Mi A3laurel_sprout
Mi A3 Pro (unreleased)bamboo_sprout
Redmi 8olive
Redmi Note 8ginkgo
Redmi Note 8 Probegonia
Redmi K20 Pro Premiumraphaels
Mi MIX Alphadraco
Redmi 8Aolivelite
Redmi Note 8Twillow
Redmi K30 4Gphoenix
Redmi K30 5Gpicasso
Mi Note 10 Litetoco
Mi 10umi
Mi 10 Procmi
Mi 10 Pro Premium (unreleased)hawkeye
Redmi Note 9 Pro Globaljoyeuse
Redmi Note 9 Pro Maxexcalibur
Redmi Note 9Scurtana
Redmi Note 9 Pro INDIAcurtana
Redmi Note 10 Lite INDIAcurtana
Redmi K30 Prolmi
Redmi K30 Pro Zoomlmi
POCO F2 Prolmi
Mi 10 Lite 5Gmonet
Mi 10 Youth Editionvangogh
Redmi 8A Dual / Proolivelite
Redmi K30 Racingpicasso
Redmi 10X 5Gatom
Redmi 10X Probomb
Redmi K30i 5Gpicasso_48m
Redmi Note 9merlin
Redmi 10X 4Gmerlin
Redmi 9lancelot
Redmi 9Cangelica
Redmi 9Adandelion
Mi 10 Ultracas
Redmi K30 Ultracezanne
Redmi 9 Indiacattail
Redmi 9idandelion
Mi 10T Litegauguin
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5Ggauguin
Mi 10igauguin
Redmi K30S Ultraapollo
Mi 10Tapollo
Mi 10T Proapollo
POCO X3surya
POCO X3 NFCsurya
Redmi Note 9 5Gcannon
Redmi Note 9T 5Gcannong
Redmi 9 Powerlime
Redmi 9Tlime
Redmi 9T NFClime
Mi 11venus
Redmi K40alioth
POCO F3alioth
Mi 11Xalioth
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+haydn
Redmi Note 10mojito
Redmi Note 10 5Gcamellia
Redmi Note 10Tcamellia
Redmi Note 10 Pro Indiasweet
Redmi Note 10 Pro Maxsweet
Redmi Note 10 Prosweet
Mi 10Sthyme
Mi 11 Promars
Mi 11 Ultrastar
Mi 11 Lite 5Grenoir
Mi 11 Lite 4Gcourbet
Mi 11ihaydn
Mi MIX FOLDcetus
Redmi K40 Gamingares
POCO F3 GTares
Mi 11X Prohaydn
Redmi Note 10Srosemary
Redmi Note 8 2021biloba
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G CNchopin
POCO X3 GTchopin
Mi MIX 4odin
Mi Pad 5nabu
Mi Pad 5 Proelish
Mi Pad 5 Pro 5Genuma
Redmi 10selene
Redmi 10 Primeselene
Redmi Note 10 JEiris
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NElisa
Xiaomi 11Tagate
Xiaomi 11T Provili
Xiaomi Civimona
Redmi 10 2022selene
Redmi Note 11 4Gselene
POCO M4 Pro 5Gevergreen
Redmi Note 11 5Gevergo
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5Gpissarro
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5Gpissarropro
Redmi Note 11 (Global)spes
Redmi Note 11S (Global)fleur
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G (Global)viva
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G (India)vida
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (Global)veux
Xiaomi 11ipissarro
Xiaomi 11i Hyperchargepissarropro
Xiaomi 12cupid
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus
Xiaomi 12Xpsyche
Redmi K40Smunch
POCO F4munch
Redmi K50rubens
Redmi K50 Promatisse
Xiaomi 12X Promatisse
POCO F4 Promatisse
Redmi K50 Gamingingres
POCO F4 GTingres
POCO X4 Pro 5Gveux
POCO X4veux
POCO M4 Pro 4Gfleur
Redmi 10Cfog
Redmi 10 (India)fog
POCO C40frost
Redmi 10Adandelion
Xiaomi MIX 5 (abandoned)loki
Xiaomi 12 Ultrathor
Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2zizhan
Redmi Note 11S 5Gopal
Redmi Note 11Elight
Redmi 10 5Glight
Redmi 10 Prime+ 5Glight
Redmi Note 11E Proveux
Redmi Note 10T (Japan)lilac
Xiaomi Civi 1Szijin
Xiaomi 12 Lite 5Gtaoyao

As you can see, Xiaomi’s internal codenames have quite the range. We hope this article helped you in learning what your Xiaomi phone’s codename is!

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