Another Strange Xiaomi Product: Xiaomi Blackboard

In the developing world, technology is present in every part of our lives. Technological smart products have become indispensable. Brands have already adapted to this situation and entered the race. Naturally, this means a wider product range and more diverse products.

And as you know, Xiaomi doesn’t only produce phones, it has its signature on most technological products that you can think of. The product we will look at now is very useful and also very strange. Yes it’s a blackboard. You didn’t hear wrong. Xiaomi has produced a blackboard. Well, of course it can be connected to smartphones. It’s a Xiaomi product after all. Let’s take a look.

Xiaomi Blackboard

This strange tool, which came out in 2019, is actually very useful. You can use it in every area of your life. Blackboard uses an LCD screen, and the matte touch makes the screen feel like paper. The tool has an overall length of 32 cm and a width of approximately 23 cm, making it slightly larger than a tablet. but its thickness is less than 1 cm.

Which is pretty good because it isn’t too heavy and it’s pretty easy to carry around. It adopts customized liquid crystal film formula, blue-green handwriting, clear and eye-catching display, both traditional paper real writing experience and smooth experience of LCD screen.

Electromagnetic induction is used to write on panel, and there is also an electromagnetic pen that provides a realistic writing experience. Blackboard has a 128MB memory. There are two buttons for storing and deleting data, left and right buttons.

It can store up to 400 layouts of data. Bluetooth support is also available. You can sync it with your phone. It has a battery that charges in half an hour and lasts for 1 week, perfect. We have witnessed once again that Xiaomi produces products in every field.

Stay tuned to be aware of the agenda and learn new things.

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