Apps Like Discord – More Secure than Discord!

Discord is one of the best chat applications out there for gamers, but it is not necessarily good for the privacy community. Why is that so? It is because Discord pretty much collects everything you do on the platform. So, if you have any doubts, we are here to recommend two Apps Like Discord as better and more secure alternatives.

Discord can collect all the data all the messages, and even your IPS to give them out to law enforcement agencies if you do something wrong, and they can also sell it to third parties. So, when this gossip came out, Discord lost so many users, and then they brought Discord Nitro and it has made them a little bit of money, but not many people use it since it is a little too expensive. In this article, we will be talking about Apps Like Discord which are the best private and kind of secure alternatives to Discord.

Apps Like Discord

There are a lot of alternative chat programs out there, and we will explain some of the Apps Like Discord. You know the Signal, WhatsApp, Wire, Wickr Me, as well as apps like Telegram that have encryption capabilities for your data privacy, but all of these applications are not really the same thing as Discord.

We have found some Apps Like Discord that are kind of more like group-based messaging platforms with rooms, moderation, and privileges that are similar to Discord.

Keep in mind, most of the apps on the list we do not think are quite up there in terms of Discord, in terms of the usability as all the bots, and different customization with notifications and subgroups in them, as well as gaming integrations, but we think these two are alternatives both do have their own cool things about them and they are perfectly usable as well as much more privacy-friendly in terms of encryption. is extremely user-friendly and has very good setup guides and tutorials. When you install it, you have to pick a username, then you will pick your computer device, and you can put your phone number, or you can just skip it.

The interface looks clean and easy to use, and you can join a team or you can make a team. You can also talk to specific people, you can find them by e-mail address, phone number, or username.

The cool thing about this app is that you can also add files to your key base account, and these are encrypted. You also have wallets, it supports Stellar wallets, and it is one of the newer cryptocurrencies.

You can also make repositories or a team repository for coding as well as devices, and you can create a paper key in case you lose access to your devices. There are also a lot of customization options on the settings, such as dark mode. You can visit to download on your PC. is made by kind of the technology behind Matrix, which is kind of like decentralized encrypted chat and collaboration. It is similar to the Discord in the overall functionality and interface, but there is a three option when you are creating your account. The first option is free, the second is Premium, and the last one is Advanced.

Of course, there are some differences between those options such as speed, but create a free one to give it a try first. When you create your account, you will see that it looks similar to Discord in a way, but the functionalities are a little bit different.

It is a little bit more customizable in some ways than Discord. The one significant advantage over the is, that it has voice or video support in the same way as Discord. You can get your own server but also have your own community easily. The chat interface may look confusing but you can get used to it after a few hours of usage. You can visit to download on your PC.

Which Apps Like Discord are the Best?

Those apps are our recommendations for Apps Like Discord and both of them are actually very similar, and both provide encryption options to communicate with people in some ways. Both have more functionality for teams in some ways, and it feels more serious and has some interesting features. You should at least give it a try if you do not trust Discord, and want to find an alternative!

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