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Are Xiaomi and POCO the same?

Nowadays, we see a lot of brands that are related to Xiaomi such as Poco, Redmi and so on. However, the question comes to mind, are they different or the same? In this content, we are going to talk about Xiaomi and POCO and whether they are different or one in the same. 


Are they the same?

Although POCO started as a sub brand to Xiaomi, over the years, it set its own course on the path of technology. To summarize, they are now different brands. Let us have a look at POCO’s history to get some clarity on the subject of matter. We will not bore you with unimportant details.

History of POCO

POCO was first released in August 2018 as a mid-range level sub brand under Xiaomi and it was simply a name for another set of devices that Xiaomi defined. You might be thinking, why all these different sub brands? And the answer is actually easy and smart. Brands over time set a certain impression, perception if you will, in people’s minds. These perceptions may be positive or may be negative. However, when a new brand is announced, people begin to have different expectations as it is different, despite being a sub brand.

This way Xiaomi manages to expand and get different target audiences. This is a strategy many brands use in order to expand. Back to the topic at hand, later on in January 2020, POCO has actually become its own independent company and set on a different path.

What’s so different?

So, what is different about POCO? Well, it is now a performance-oriented smartphone brand that represents Redmi and Mi brands’ best sides, which is premium feel, performance, lower price ranges and many features all the while consisting of parts that we normally see on high-end premium devices. And on top of that, it manages to keep the prices close to mid-range levels. In this manner, POCO devices are mostly known as flagship killers and it rightfully earns the title. 

As an end note, although POCO devices are usually described as middle-rangers, they can be considered as high-ends as well for all the traits that they possess. 

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