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Best MIUI 13 Control Center Themes to Make Perfection!

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MIUI 13 Control Center Themes can be used for creating new ambiance on your phone. MIUI control center adds up a new vibe to the whole user interface, even if it does not change the previous look much. And thanks to MIUI’s custom theme adaptibility, it is possible to change it even further. Since MIUI has the best looking themes among other OEMs, it is safe to say that you will be exceeding far beyond the aesthetics of stock MIUI control center.

MIUI 13 Control Center Themes

Although these themes are general system themes, MIUI Theme Store app allows you to choose a specific part of a theme to apply to system such as icons, lockscreen and so on. Because of this feature, you can also specifically apply these MIUI 13 Control Center Themes only on Control Center. Here’s some great MIUI 13 Control Center Themes to customize your control center.

Nothing OS Theme

Nothing OS is a recently announced operating system and the theming for it is already available at Theme Store. The theme consists of gray colors with black icons and as you can notice on the preview, the theme uses different icons for the settings and toggle edit buttons and less rounded shape for the toggle buttons. You can go ahead and install it:

Nothing OS

MIUI Control Center

Cichi IZ V13 Theme

If you remember the windows 10 button mouse hover effects where the button border lines are highlighted, Cichi IZ v13 theme adds up a similar vibe to MIUI control center interface by highlighting the borders of the toggles, making the overall look very premium. Here’s the link to this theme on MIUI Theme Store:

Cichi IZ V13

MIUI Control Center

Split New Orange Theme

If you are one of those people that likes pastel tones much more than lively colors, this is just the right theme for you! While it is not affecting the MIUI control center in a major way, it makes it much more simplistic and with the pastel colors, makes it quite eye friendly. Here is the link to this theme:

Split New Orange

MIUI Control Center

Inversion IZ v13 Theme

Another control center theme would be Inversion IZ v13, which as you can see from the looks of it, it is quite youthful and with the brightness bar shaped like an equalizer, it is quite “melodic”. Pitch black color as the background will be great for AMOLED screens and the red color on it along with the new set of icons looks fantastic. Here is the link to this theme:

Inversion IZ v13

MIUI Control Center

Fumador IZ v13 Theme

Fumador IZ v13 is another theme on the list that aims for the simplistic look, but with more varied colors, pistachio green being the dominant color. Along with the green, dull pink and blue colors are followed to compliment the overall look. One other thing to also notice is the different icons in certain parts of the control center. You can have access to this theme by the link below

Fumador IZ v13

MIUI Control Center

How to Apply MIUI 13 Control Center Themes

Applying these themes could not be any easier! After installing the theme of your preference, simply go into your local themes, tap on the theme you have installed.

MIUI Control Center

Select System from the checkbox list, untick all others and hit Apply. You can now check your newly design control center!


As seen from the theme examples and how-to guide above, it is quite easy to customize control center with MIUI 13 Control Center Themes and since it already has a great UI as baseline, modifying it results in even much better interface. You can also test the other themes from our other dedicated content or explore the Theme Store via search function as MIUI Theme Store is quite rich on these sort of premium themes.

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