Best MIUI Features That Other Brands Don’t Have

MIUI is one of the most visual and feature rich OEM ROM out there along with OneUI. Xiaomi offers us the most exciting and fun MIUI features that we could ever hope for from an OEM. In today’s content, we will make a demo of several MIUI features that we find a lot of fun to use and hopefully, we wish that you find it useful and fun as well.

Floating Windows

miui feature floating window

To be fair, floating windows is not necessarily a unique feature. There have been instances where other OEM ROMs have implemented this feature, however MIUI’s implementation of it certainly makes it quite unique. You can pin your floating windows by dragging them up to the top-right corner, making it smaller and less likely to interfere with your device usage, you can drag it around and keep it anywhere on the screen by dragging from the top, you can close the window by dragging up from the bottom bar in a quick manner and you can also make it full screen by dragging down from the bottom bar. It really is one of the most fun features in MIUI

MIUI Video Toolbox Feature

miui feature video toolbox

Did you know that you could improve your media plays? MIUI offers a great feature to adjust your screen color modes, as in you can use vibrant colors, or warmer colors and many other color modes while watching a video. It also gives you the option the use Dolby Atmos to enhance the speaker output. This is by far one of the most unique MIUI feature that were introduced to us, and it is only found in this OEM ROM. You can enable it via Settings > Special features > Sidebar > Video apps by selecting what apps you’d like it to work on.

MIUI Taplus Feature

miui feature taplus

This is quite an interesting one. We all know there are apps like Google Lens or similar that can read text from photos, search for images on internet and so on. However, if you are working with screenshots, it is not really intuitive to take screenshots and search over and over again. Well, at this point Taplus comes in and steals the show. Taplus allows you to scan any object in your screen simply by touching them.

You can get texts, or objects, save them as photos, and yes. you can save texts as photos as well, or you could search them on web. You can enable this feature via Settings > Special features > Taplus and Turn on Taplus. You can also set gesture to 1 finger or 2 fingers based on your preference.

App Lock

miui feature app lock

We are all entitled to our privacy, and all of us have certain things that we wish to hide. We may not want others to pry into our personal data. This feature allows you to lock your installed apps by a pattern, pin or a password depending on your preference. You can also hide your notification contents and use fingerprint to unlock your locked apps. You can enable this feature simply by:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Tap on Turn on
  • Create a lock pattern
  • Select the apps you wish to lock and tap on Use App lock

If you do not have a screen lock, this feature will require you to set one up. Once you are done with it, you can use it on any app and notification you want.

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