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Can Android users get used to iOS?

iOS is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and simple operating systems, but as beautiful as it is, it comes with its own thorns. Android users have been having a hard time adjusting to it since the dawn of time. It is with no doubts that Android users will have a hard time getting used to iOS environment and today we will be listing the whys.

Getting used to iOS

android users with ios

Android has always been a place of freedom where users and developers are allowed to tweak almost everything in order to bring support a lot of different mechanisms and breed features. Rooting, ROM portings, GSIs and so many things that we are free to do will be lost when you make the switch to iOS.


android users with jailbreak

Android’s rooting system is kind of similar to Apple’s Jailbreak however, Jailbreak is very much so limited compared to rooting. It is also worth mentioning that Jailbreak is not very persistent since Apple kind of throw patches over the operating system in order to prevent users from jailbreaking, which reduces the chances that you will be able to access features more than what iOS offers as default.


android users with launcher

Well, it has been a long known fact by now that iOS does not offer app drawer on its launcher and we are so used to having our apps separate in a different section. You will have folder and categorizing support of course but it is still not good enough compared to an app drawer. Well, at least it is not the biggest obstacle in your way to get over.


android users with downgrade

Basically, you can say goodbye to the downgrading system you have in Android. A lot of people in Android world simply go back to the older version of the Android when they do not like the new version, which we promise you, happens a lot. Well, iOS does offer an option to downgrade but it is time limited. After a certain amount of time, downgrades get blocked and you get stuck with whatever iOS version you are on, until a newer version arrives.

App Store

android users with app store

IOS is somewhat of an elite system where a lot of things are paid to use and app support in App Store is not as wide ranged as in Android’s Play Store. You will be missing a lot of things, including free online music listening options and much more. This is probably the most struggling part of this Android-to-iOS switch.


Overall, iOS is pretty limited in comparison and could potentially bore you especially if you are an advanced Android user. However, iOS is still an operating system that targets simplicity, so as long as you forsake all the things you could do in Android and stop making comparisons, you might just get used to it. We do not recommend it however, if you are not the type of person that cannot go days without messing with your phone.

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