Critical change: Xiaomi MIX 5 cancelled, Xiaomi 12 Ultra spotted

If you were hoping to get your hands on the Xiaomi MIX 5, we have some bad news – it looks like the Xiaomi MIX 5 cancelled. However, it seems that Xiaomi has just rebranded the L1 (thor) device, as the Xiaomi 12 Ultra is now official. We first spotted the Xiaomi MIX 5 back 5 months ago, when it was detected through the IMEI database. Unfortunately, it looks like the MIX 5 will never see the light of day. It has confirmed that the MIX 5 has been cancelled and that the loki codenamed L1A device has also been abandoned. However, they there is no any reason for the cancellation. We’re assuming that Xiaomi decided to go in a different direction with the phone.

Xiaomi MIX 5 Cancelled

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been added to the IMEI database. This device has a model number of 2203121C and has been in the database for 5 months. The brand of the device appeared as MIX since this week and it was Xiaomi MIX 5 Pro, but with the recent change in this week, the MIX is now appearing as XIAOMI. This means Xiaomi MIX 5 cancelled. It is very likely that this device is Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

The Xiaomi MIX 5 device with the L1A model number was also abandoned. In other words, a device with L1A model number and loki code name will no longer be released. Standart MIX 5 cancelled too.

According to a leak shared by an user on Weibo, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be introduced in China on May 10. We don’t think this picture is real. It looks like photoshop but Chinese leakers leak their information with this way, with homemade fake posters. If the leak is accurate, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra looks like it could be one of the most impressive phones of the year. However, until Xiaomi officially announces the device, we won’t know for sure what it has to offer.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be one of the most popular phones on the market. It has a large screen, long battery life, and a powerful processor. Xiaomi 12 Ultra also will have great camera with Surge C2. It can take high-quality photos and videos with this ISP. Xiaomi 12 Ultra is a great phone for people who want a powerful phone with a great camera. Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be great phone for people who want a powerful phone with a great camera. Xiaomi 12 Ultra display will same as Xiaomi 12 Pro with more efficiency. It will be exclusive for China. You can read all specifications of Xiaomi 12 Ultra below.

New Xiaomi Mix 5 devices spotted and will be introduced in March!

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