Xiaomi MIX 5 will have new Xiaomi Surge C2 chip

Xiaomi will use its own Surge C2 Image Signal Processor in the Xiaomi MIX 5, as Surge C1 used in the Xiaomi MIX FOLD.

Xiaomi announced the Surge C1 image processing processor (ISP) last year along with the MIX Fold. Xiaomi was promising better and faster photo processing with this chip. Xiaomi will also announce the Surge C2 ISP with the MIX 5 Pro. For this reason, the camera in the Xiaomi MIX 5 series will be even more assertive. Xiaomi Surge C1 had the 3A techolongy. Auto AWB, Auto AE, Auto AF. With this technology, it could automatically adjust all three adjustments at the same time.

The Surge C2 will only be used in the high model MIX 5 Pro (L1) from the MIX 5 series. The base model MIX 5 (L1A) will not have this processor. The only differences between the two MIX 5 devices are the camera sensors and the camera processor.

This “MIPISEL” feature in the Mi Code of MIX 5 Pro was also available in MIX FOLD and unannounced MIX FLIP devices in the past. Since both these devices have Surge C1 and code exist in the camera related areas. So MIX 5 Pro will also use its own camera processor.

There is no information on what features the Surge C2 will have. There is a possibility of this Xiaomi can use in old generation Surge C1 instead of Surge C2 on MIX 5 Pro. All we know is that the L1 MIX 5 will use a Surge C-series ISP.

Xiaomi MIX 5 Camera Sensors

Other camera differences between the MIX 5 and MIX 5 Pro will be the camera sensors. MIX 5 and MIX 5 Pro will have 48 megapixel front cameras with 8000×6000 resolution. We do not have any information about which sensor to use. MIX 5 will have a 8192×6144 (50MP) OIS supported main camera. MIX 5 will have 2X optical zoom cameras with 8000×6000 (48MP) resolution and 0.6x Ultra Wide cameras with 8000×6000 (48MP) resolution. MIX 5 Pro, on the other hand, will have an OIS supported main camera with a resolution of 8192×6144 (50MP). Aux cameras will be 8000×6000 (48MP) resolution with OIS supported 5X optical zoom and 8000×6000 (48MP) resolution 0.5x ultra-wide angle cameras. 8192×6144 is the resolution of 50MP Sony sensors. IMX707 and IMX766 have this resolution. So these devices may have IMX707 too.

This is the device that is the Xiaomi 12 Ultra on the fake news makers which will be introduced in March. Yes, Xiaomi will launch new flagship device in March but it is not Xiaomi 12 Ultra. It is Xiaomi MIX 5. This device does not have 5 cameras as in the leaks. There is currently no information available for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. The only known information is that if the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will not be introduced, at least in Q1 and Q2.

Xiaomi MIX 5 is expected to go on sale in the Q2 of 2022. The Xiaomi MIX 5 series will be exclusive to China, just like the devices in the past.

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