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Enable Engaging Hidden HUAWEI features!

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HUAWEI devices have some features hidden in the EMUI interface. Did you know what these were?

EMUI versions have some hidden features that we can access with root access. There are 10 hidden features that we can access, and we can control them all with an app.

What are these hidden features? Let’s take a look at what hidden features we can control!

EMUI Hidden Features

  • Enable network speed in the status bar
  • Enable hold the screen turned to one side
  • Change network types style
  • Displaying the network type
  • Hide font menu
  • Enable app names in two lines
  • Hide online themes
  • Enable hidden app menu
  • Enable full network diapason
  • Disable HUAWEI account in themes

How to Enable Hidden EMUI Features

  • Step 1 – Download and start the “Tweaker for Huawei” app from Play Store.

Enable hidden HUAWEI features

  • Step 2 – Click “Show” on the feature you want to enable and activate it.

You can now enable and use the useful hidden EMUI features.

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