Experience lag-free internet with Xiaomi Router AX3000!

Who would not want a lag-free Internet? One of the first things players look for when using the Internet is latency. In an important esports tournament, two things are essential: fast internet and, most importantly, low ping. For low ping, you need to use a high-quality modem or router. Xiaomi Router AX3000 will do everything for you.

The Xiaomi Router AX3000 contains Qualcomm’s chip. Thus, it supports the WiFi 4/5/6 standards. It offers a high bandwidth of 160 MHz with a 5 GHz connection and is thus theoretically twice as fast as conventional products with a bandwidth of 80 MHz.

How powerful is the Xiaomi Router AX3000?

If we briefly talk about WiFi 6, the most important feature of Xiaomi Router AX3000, it is the latest standard of WiFi connection, which is also called 802.11ax. WiFi 6 standard appeared for the first time in 2019, and its application area is increasing day by day. With WiFi 6, you can reach a maximum speed of 9600mbps, but Xiaomi Router AX3000 can reach a maximum speed of 3000mbps. The OFDMA technology of Xiaomi Router AX3000 allows multiple devices’ data transmission to be completed at the same time and multiple devices to be online at the same time. With OFDMA, data is transferred more efficiently and network latency is lower.

Xiaomi Router AX3000

The Qualcomm router chip in the Xiaomi Router AX3000 is supported by the NPU and thus relieves the CPU. When multiple devices are online, the NPU turns on and can support the CPU in handling network traffic. The structure of the Xiaomi Router AX3000 is large, and that is actually the advantage. The WiFi antennas are hidden inside the AX3000 router. Inside the router, there are antennas on the 4 sides that support high signal strength. Besides, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands of Xiaomi Router AX3000 are equipped with PA+LNA signal amplifiers, which increase the signal strength by 4dB and increase the range by 50%.

Xiaomi Router AX3000

The Xiaomi Router AX3000 is extremely good in terms of security. It supports IPv6, the latest Internet protocol, and WPA3, the latest encryption protocol. You can monitor the Xiaomi Router AX3000 via the Mi Home app and see which devices are connected to the router. Xiaomi Router AX3000 has a retail price of about $50-60 and you can buy it from shopping sites like AliExpress.

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