First Android 14 MIUI build is here, an early look at MIUI on top of Android 14!

Xiaomi made an announcement that Android 14 is available for installation and we installed it on Xiaomi 13, here is the Android 14 MIUI. Yesterday at Google’s event, it was announced that an early version of Android 14 will be available for devices made by various OEMs, including Xiaomi.

Android 14 MIUI Beta on Xiaomi 13

Since it’s a beta version, there aren’t major changes here and we can confirm that Android 14 MIUI version we installed on Xiaomi 13 is not stable. It boots but yeah, it just booted successfully. We installed Chinese version of Android 14 Developer Beta 1, but there won’t be a significant difference from the global version.

A pop-up window will appear once you boot the Android 14, there’s a short warning about the beta software. As the warning speaks for itself, Android 14 MIUI for Xiaomi 13 is away from stable and not good for daily usage. Firstly the lock screen caught our attention, the clock font looks a bit thicker than usual. There isn’t any significant change here. The signal indicator reveals the signal is available but “No service” text is displayed in the upper left corner.


MIUI version that comes with Android 14 Beta 1 is named as “MIUI 14 23.5.6”. We noticed that the available RAM is reported as 12GB+0GB under the specifications page. Many OEMs have started to offer the RAM extension on their phones, usually displaying it as 12GB+3GB as shown in the second screenshot (Android 13 stable).

We also noticed that the used RAM reported by the system is not correct. You can toggle the display of how much RAM is in use in the recent apps menu, the free RAM is reported as 0 MB on this Android 14 Beta 1 build.

One of the exciting features of Android 14 is the “Predictive back gesture,” which allows you to preview where you will go before you going back. This feature is not yet available in MIUI Android 14. We enabled predictive back gesture on developer options and tried going back in settings app but we’re greeted with MIUI’s traditional back gesture.

This is what Android 14 Beta 1 on MIUI offers. There are lots of missing and broken stuff inside the system but don’t forget this is a Beta software. Xiaomi should be updating their phones to a stable version of Android 14 in the following time.

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