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5 Features that Google got from Xiaomi!

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In the world of technology, every brand is inspired by each other and adds features to their devices, like the features that Google got from Xiaomi as an example. Some brands also copy directly. Other device companies (except Apple) create software for their devices based on Android developed by Google. In this article you will see the features that Google got from Xiaomi. In this article you will see the features that Google got from Xiaomi.

Here are the five features that Google got from Xiaomi!

It’s evident that brands learn a lot from each other, even if it were through the means of stealing features. Let’s see the top 5 features Google got from Xiaomi.

Long Screenshot Feature

Xiaomi added this feature to MIUI on MIUI 8. From then until now, you could take long screenshots if you were using MIUI in supported applications. You can use this feature on Xiaomi devices since 2016. But on the Google side, Google added this Feature after 5 years with Android 12. This one of the prominent features among features that Google got from Xiaomi.

WI-FI Sharing With QR

Likewise, this feature too was used on MIUI devices even 5 6 years ago. However, Google added this feature to its resources with Android 10. Instead of typing a password, you will ask why we should use this. The answer is simple. For example, you visited your friend and asked for their WI-FI password. If the password is a long one and your friend don’t remember it, your friend have to go to the modem for it. But with this feature, you can easily share your network with your friends.

One-Handed Mode

Yup. Again, Xiaomi had this feature on its devices even 5 6 years ago. Google, on the other hand, added this feature to Pure android and Google devices with Android 12 last year. This is an important feature in terms of user experience. A few pluses of its late addition are that it has a slightly more advanced structure. As an example on the Google side, has 2 section. Pulling QS down or Pulling Screen down. This is an important features that Google got from Xiaomi. because it deeply affects the user experience.

Ultra Battery Saver

This feature was added by Xiaomi a few years ago with MIUI 11. The main purpose of the feature is to save battery for emergencies by turning on dark mode and closing unnecessary applications completely. Google added this feature to Pixel devices with Android 11. There is a system based on the same logic, but it does not save battery as much as MIUI. Because MIUI closes almost all applications, including Google Services, while doing this. Also, there is no interface that you can navigate. It has a one-page black interface with only selected apps and essential apps. So it saves more battery than Google’s.

Game Mode

Again, it is a feature that has existed on the Xiaomi side for 5 6 years. It wasn’t as developed back then as it is now. But on the Google side, if we look 5 6 years ago, there was not even a trace of the game mode. Google announces Game mode with Android 12. It has an extremely plain interface compared to MIUI’s game mode. In addition, the plus is that you can see the FPS on the screen live style. First two photo from MIUI, last 2 photo from Pure Android.

In this article you saw some features that Google got from Xiaomi. l thought other brands (except Apple) added innovations to their devices with innovations in Google’s Android resources, Google was very late in some innovations. Of course, adding such features to Google’s resources increases the performance and compatibility of that feature in other interfaces. if you want to see other unknown features of Xiaomi follow this article.

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