Get MIUI 12.5 Features on MIUI 12 | MIUIPlus Magisk Module

Xiaomi has restricted MIUI 12.5 features to devices with MIUI 12.5 Android 10. With this module you can unlock all the features.


Job description, functionality:

This modules has quite alot of function allowing users of old builds of MIUI to update the system apps from the latest MIUI 12.5 version along with that it has quite alot of fixes and patches to fix some bugs that the developer felt were needed, along with that it adds the following stuff:

  • New Wallpapers & Icons
  • Power Menu Style from MIUI 12.5
  • Built-in Emoji iOS 14.5
  • SafetyNet Fix
  • 90 FPS in MIUI Screen Recorder
  • & alot more Tweaks to make the system smoother


Differences between MIUI + and Custom+:

For MIUI+, some tweaks are included that target this system. In addition, optimization was carried out regarding the transmitted parameters in the module. In the list of buns, you can find out which addon is targeted for a specific firmware. If there is no clarification, the tweak is universal.
Custom+ was developed for custom ROMs, respectively, it will work on MIUI, only you will not have the animated MIUI stock animation and the system sounds will remain.
Sound+ – a separate module for sound. In the modules above, it is built in, but this one is separate. Suddenly, someone immediately does not need a pack of all sorts of useful things-please, the module is purely for sound.


Tested on Android 7-11/MIUI 12 on the base 10 and 11 of Android (Redmi 5, 8/8A, 9 | Note 4, 5 Pro, 6 Pro, 7, 8/T/8 Pro 9S/9 Pro, 10/10 Pro, Mi 9T/Pro, POCO X3/Pro, Mi Note 10/Pro, Mi 10/Pro, Mi 11).

List of Features:

  • Thermal config against overheating during charging. ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Loading animation (for MIUI – Animated stock label, for custom – Google).
  • Power Menu style from MIUI 12.5 (for MIUI). ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Fix the sound to 90% with volume adjustments.
  • Tweaks the sound and enable HiFi for a slight improvement in sound saturation, warmth and bass. ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Fixes and micro improvements.
  • Charge control (If there is an installation error at startup, then click “Retry”) ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Custom interface sounds. ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Built-in Emoji iOS 14.5.
  • 90 FPS screen recording and transparent gesture panel, however, there may be bugs on some devices. (for MIUI) ← You are given a choice to install. (Thanks to StarLF5 for the tip)
  • SafetyNet Fix.
  • Equalizer Wavelet. ← You are given a choice to install.
  • TTL Fix (even for those who don’t have support in the kernel). ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Increased Wi-Fi bandwidth.
  • Sleep system for GMS (Doze).
  • Patch the gradual supply of current to the power controller.
  • Fix auto-brightness (for MIUI). ← You are given a choice to install.
  • Optimization of RAM.
  • System in RW. (I recommend using Solid Explorer to work with system partitions. Others may have bugs.)
  • Accelerated startup.
  • A slight improvement in autonomy by passing the appropriate parameters to the system.
  • Tweaks to improve the quality of media content.
  • Disabled error logging for a small performance boost.
  • Speed up the loading of web pages.
  • Noise reduction is enabled during calls. ← You are given a choice to install.

You can install module with this guide

Download Module 

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