Get One UI on any Android with Ancient OS 5.4 Custom ROM

If you like Samsung’s skin of Android, One UI, there’s a way to get One UI on any Android, using a custom ROM. It depends in your device if it has it or not, but if it has, you can flash Ancient OS 11 to get One UI on any Android. We will show you how to do it with this article.

If you rooted your Android device in past, you problably have came across something called as “Custom ROMs”. They are like alternative Android versions for your device unofficial way that manufacturer doesn’t allow as they want you to use their skin. Today, we will show you an alternative custom ROM that looks like exactly One UI, which you can get on any device as well easily.

One UI on any Android: Ancient OS Android 11

Yes, this is the ROM you’re problably looking for. This ROM is based on AOSP, while having dozens of customization options and meanwhile aiming to look like One UI as well, which is a way to get One UI on any Android on the look. The ROM itself is avaible for many devices officially or unofficially, but if the device doesn’t have it, well a generic system image version exist as well that is also avaible for open public to download. You need TWRP installed on your device along with unlocked bootloader. We already made a guide on how to insatll TWRP for your device, which you can follow to install it.


As you can see above, the ROM is just AOSP with a proper One UI look compared to any other ROM out of the box. Although they have an Android 12 version, for One UI look and customizations, Android 11 one is much more recommended compared to 12 one, as 12 one still falls a bit barebones compared to the 11 one. The ROM doesn’t exactly look like latest One UI style out of the box, more looks like One UI 2. But, with some small tweaks on it’s settings page, you can make it look like exactly the pictures shown above.


The pictures above are just the categories. Theres many, many, many more to discover features in this ROM. Even just the categories are too much as you can see in the pictures above. Refer to pictures below for the screenshots.

The interface options are shown above. You can make the ROM look like however you want thanks to it’s dozens of options. This is just the interface, though. There’s many more to choose from.

Options for status bar is shown above. You can customize how does your status bar look like with infinite combinations in this page.

Options for notifications are above. You can make the notifications pulse, or show edge lights like One UI from this section.

Options for quick settings. You can change how does your quick settings will look from here, you can make it look like One UI 2, or 4, or anything else with infinite combinations.

There is many more for you to discover and explore inside of the ROM, it’s just too much we couldn’t put into this article.

Port Apps

In the screenshots, I used some port apps off from One UI as well for a complete Samsung look. You can find their respective links here, thanks all to AyraHikari.

You can use the things above to get even more One UI-ish experience.

So yeah, this ROM answers the “One UI on any Android” question pretty much in look of it.


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