Get your phone charged in 5 minues: Redmi 300W charging!

Fast charging has become even faster thanks to Xiaomi’s new technology, a Redmi branded phone featured the debut of Xiaomi’s most recent fast charging technology: Redmi 300W charging is here.

Fast charging technology is something that Xiaomi’s phones already have for a long time. Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition from last year’s Redmi Note series enables up to 210 Watt of charging.

Redmi 300W charging on Redmi Note 12 Discovery

No new phone has been introduced to support 300W fast charging, instead Xiaomi has modified the hardware on Redmi Note 12 Discovery, achieving 300W charging power.

Xiaomi debuted a new kind of hard carbon material on their smartphones. Redmi Note 12 Discovery with 300W charging has dual cell battery design and each cell is capable of supporting 30A current. The phone with 4100 mAh battery can be charged completely in 5 minutes, and 50% in just 2 minutes!

The hardware modifications made by Xiaomi also stop the phone from overheating while charging. We call it not a new phone but it’s completely different in charging department compared to first Redmi Note 12 Discovery. The release date of this model, which can handle 300W charging, is not yet known. We believe it will not come out soon since first generation Redmi Note 12 Discovery, which enables 210W charging, is exclusive in China.

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